Make Chrome Your iPhone's Default Browser

Google just released Chrome for iPhone and iPad and it's not a bad little browser. However, one problem is that if you open a link in another app your iPhone will always use Safari. If you'd prefer to use Chrome all the time, BrowserChooser is a tweak that lets you do it.

BrowserChooser lets you switch out the default browser between Chrome, Dolphin and more on a jailbroken iPhone. Setup is simple. Hop into the Setting menu, tap BrowserChooser, and tap the browser you want to use. Now, when you click on any link in any app (even if it's labelled "Open in Safari") it will open in Chrome or whatever browser you choose. You can find BrowserChooser free in developer Ryan Petrich's repository. In Cydia, tap Manage > Sources > Edit > Add, type and search for BrowserChooser.

Ryan Petrich [via iDownloadBlog]


    Every week I get more and more tempted to jailbreak, I've resisted for almost 2years, it's about time for me to re-evaluate the downsides of jail breaking (what else gets broken) or get a sgs3 instead.

    Get a galaxy nexus. Jellybean is coming and apple are so scared they are trying to patent it out of existence

      Waiting for the next nexus phone and maybe I'll switch away from my iPhone.

    I jailbroke my 3gs. it made it a bit unstable but it unlocked so much potential that i didn't mind it crashing every now and again.

    When i got my 4, i went to factory reset the 3gs before giving it to the ladywuz . oops. forgot that you can't factory reset a jailbreak. brick. bugger

      Bricked from factory resetting a jailbroken 3GS? I think not I think you had something else going on as I've lost count the number of times I've done exactly that. It's pretty damn hard to brick an iPhone.

      You absolutely can to factory reset when jailbroken. All it does is break the jailbreak. I did it a ton of times on my 3GS.

    For those who don't want to add another source or can't find BrowserChooser, just search for Browser Changer in Cydia. The current version now supports Chrome, unlike what iDownloadBlog says (I just tried it).

    If you need any more convincing to jailbreak (Trendy?), it's free, easy and legal. There are heaps to download, like:
    • Activator (activates apps, system events, etc. through gestures and button shortcuts)
    • AnyLockApp (open any app from the lockscreen rather than the default camera)
    • Browser Changer/BrowserChooser
    • Delete Word (Shift-Delete deletes the whole word when typing)
    • f.lux (warms screen colour at night to remove that harsh blue screen light)
    • FolderCloser (closes the folder when you close an app)
    • HomePage (returns you to the home page when you close an app)
    • LastApp (lets you return to the previous app through a system shortcut via Activator)
    • PasswordPilot (stores your App Store password)
    • Remove Background (lets you remove all or some background apps through a system shortcut via Activator)
    • SBSettings (allows you to quickly change settings)
    • SpringFlash (enables the iPhone's LED from a shortcut via Activator)
    These (which are all free) are only some of the many useful Cydia packages available.

    Just a request, but in future, can you please put something like **Jailbroken iPhones Only** within the first few words of your posts that feature a Jailbroken App/feature.

      +1 Totally agree. Had enough of getting excited about something on iphone only to find I need to jailbreak it!

      So you had to read 4 lines till you got to the part about jailbreaking, i feel so sorry for you.

        Jeff, we wouldn't have to click on the Google link at all if these type of "solutions" we're properly titled. Think before you flame.

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