Google Unveils Chrome For iPhone And iPad

iOS: Google took the wraps off Chrome for the iPhone and iPad today. The iOS version includes the familiar omnibar that allows for instant searches, pre-fetches pages for faster viewing, and offers swipe gestures to manage and close tabs.

Hot on the heels of Chrome for Android coming out of beta yesterday, Chrome for iOS is great news for existing Chrome users. You can sync bookmarks, history, open tabs and even saved passwords for web pages with other instances of Chrome, including desktop and Android devices.

Chrome for iOS also supports incognito mode for private browsing. Both versions will be available in the iTunes App Store today.


    Not available in Australia yet :(

      yes it is

        I concur -- just downloaded it...

          Available in the app store on my iPhone but not on the iPad??? Very strange. Managed to get it on my iPad by going to the 'Purchased' tab and downloading it there...

    Also won't install on my 3Gs.

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