KFC Sweet Sesame Crunch: What's The Damage?

After a brief return for the chicken-heavy The Double "burger", KFC's latest product launch is Sweet Sesame Crunch. How does it stack up against KFC's existing products? Heavily, it turns out.

Sweet Sesame Crunch is fried chicken with "a sweet Asian-style glaze and roasted sesame seeds". That description makes it sound like it will pack more kilojoules than regular KFC, and that proves to be the case. Here's a breakdown of the kilojoule count for a typical single piece of chicken, compared to KFC's other offerings:

  • Sweet Sesame Crunch: 1305kJ
  • Original Recipe: 893kJ
  • Original Recipe Fillet: 658kJ
  • Hot & Spicy Fillet: 778kJ

So not something you'd want to be eating large quantities of every day, then. Put it this way: you can eat two pieces of original recipe fillet for the same number of kilojoules.

The usual takeaway rules apply: don't eat it regularly, don't order the chips and ask for a diet drink and you'll be OK. If you've given Sweet Sesame Crunch a try (there's a $2 a piece offer running), tell us your thoughts in the comments.


    It's freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ahhhh yea!!!!!! Dirty bird just keeps getting better and better.

    There was a time, many moons ago when you could by KFC and it was actually good. I haven't eaten it for years,.. well, I do try it every now and again to see if it has improved. It is oily and smelly and soggy.. in short it sucks balls, I honestly don't know why people keep buying this crap. Lets take it back to when the hot and crunchy actually had a crunch, where the regular didn't drip oil and where you could happily eat the left overs cold for breaky.

      where the regular didn’t drip oil

      Back when they cooked in animal fat?

      The KFC at Marrickville Metro is just like "the KFC of old" that you describe. It's like the managers there actually care about putting out a good* product.

      (*In the context of this discussion.)

      This Sweet Sesame Crunch should have the advertising slogan "Play Chicken With Type-2 diabetes!"

      I drive all over the place for my job so I have been to most of the KFC's in Perth metro and the quality of food seems to vary wildly.

      Some of the ones I go to have that smelly oily stuff and some of it has crunchy stuff that smells good, I have no idea what the difference is between the stores. You would think they would all be the same.

    ^ Depends on where you get it from.

    I'm lucky because the local KFCs (Marsden / Woodridge) I have near me are freaking awesome. The chicken is nice and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and the chips are always fresh. Go 10Kms down the road and it's crap, the skin is falling off the chicken and the chips are stale or hard as tits (Please refer to Tourette's guy for the explanation for this analogy).

    Why does KFC hold me in it's crispy coated embrace?

    I generally eat healthily and avoid fast food ... but every now and again, man ... I'm drooling typing this ... I just crave KFC.

    I need help (or just some Wicked Wings).

    Oh, I hated the Colonel with is wee, beady eyes, and that smug look on his face. "Oh, you're gonna buy my chicken! Ohhhhh!"

    KFC is weird. Every 4 to 6 months it's like my bodies grease levels get below a certain level, and I crave KFC. Then I eat it, get a god damned migraine for a couple of days, and don't feel the need to eat it for a few months...

    Haven't eaten it in ages, won't eat it, or McDonald's, or pizza... will not eat fast food again till its all free range or organic... without it being double the cost. Nothing tastes as good as species equality feels.

    As if free range actually means anything

    Tastes pretty good. The extra kJ suprises me as the pieces I had were not as thickly coated and oily as normal recipe. It is still not as good as the lightly battered stuff you get in KFC in Asia. No doubt a lot of the kJ comes form the sweet sauce, which was a bit overdone on the pieces I had. I would prefer with less sweet sauce. The sesame taste is nice

    Why did they stop the sweet sesame crunch?? it was freakin awesome!
    .. It was the only reason I've started to buy from KFC again and now they have nothing else on the menu that I would consider buying..

    kfc is getting better and better at local elizabeth and gawler. whoever said it sucks balls has gotta be a vegan as sweet sesame crunch is more addictive than heroin. NEED. SESAME. CRUNCH.

    Col. Sanders out.

    sent via DirtyBird

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