KFC Australia Wants To Bring Back The Double

Heads up, bacon fans: KFC Australia wants to bring back its breadless burger, known locally as the Double, but only if you like its Facebook page.

What is the Double you ask? It's a burger unlike anything I've ever seen: two bacon strips, two cheese slices and "special" sauce, all wrapped around two pieces of fried chicken. This thing needs a warning on it.

It caused a stir when it was released last year as a promotional menu item. Truth be told, it's not the worst thing in the world you can eat according to Angus' breakdown, but it's certainly not awesome for you, or for your gadgets.

KFC Australia posted on its Facebook page yesterday that it will bring back the breadless, bacon-laden burger if it hits half a million Likes on its fan page:

We love our fans. When we hit 500,000 fans, we’ll bring back the Double. Who’s excited?!? For 2 days, you’ll be able to get your hands exclusively on the Double. So hit like and share this with your mates and here’s to relishing the Double again!

Get Liking, bacon fanatics! [KFC Australia]

Image: KFC Australia

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    Hell yes! Hippies be damned!

    Not even a hippy, I am a lover of chicken and other meats, but its digusting.

    KFC is very bad for chickens and people. Use bread you morons the world is watching and I doubt this sort of nonsense will impress anyone. Steriod pumped chicken buns. yum. Buy some smokes they kill you quicker.

    I had to have one last time, it was great i loved it, but i will never have one ever again.

    I am usually one who does food to excess (not that it shows ... yet), but if i recall it was just too much sodium and for a few hours after eating it (and a few glasses of water) i was a little under the weather.

    The main image depicts 2 flat chicken fillets. Are those the fillets they used
    to sell separately? Or Still do? They were awesome just to buy and put on your
    own homemade sandwiches

    Awesome. I'm a fitness freak and i love these things.

    I remember we finished off a 200klm bike ride with a couple of these bad boys. They actually taste good.

    Whether it's unhealthy or not, this thing is disgusting.

    I love all the hate. If it had some day old shredded lettuce on top, and was inside a sugar filled white bun, nobody would care. But OH NO it's a chicken burger without bread. I think there are worse things people keep in their own home and eat daily. Ever looked at the nutritional value of breakfast cereal? Chemicals and grain my friends, just chemicals ..


    I didn't manage to get one last time they were out! Looking forward to tasting one of these things. They look so good.

    And I'm assuming all the people who whinge and moan about how bad these things are for you haven't even read the nutritional information for them. They're no where near as bad for you as the majority of stuff kfc and hungry jacks sell (McDonalds is for the most part healthier than these two).

    Fat people ruin everything for everyone.. Hopefully it stays if it comes back, one of the healthiest meals you can get. Great for Keto

    I want the bean salad back! The kiwis have it, why don't we?

    I don't like KFC much, but I have to add my like to the page, for now. I want to try this abomination.

    America wouldn't batter an eyelid at this. Hasn't anyone seen the TV show Man vs Food?

    Fat people will eat shit food no matter who sells it. It's about the complete lifestyle, not one off individual choices.

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