TPG Is Readying An 'Unlimited' NBN Plan

There are already lots of National Broadband Network (NBN) plans to choose from, but none yet offer an "unlimited" option that doesn't count data. TPG is planning to offer such a deal for $69.99, which would match its existing unlimited ADSL2+ offer.

TPG revealed the plan in its annual report to the ASX, though it hasn't yet appeared on its site. The plan will require a 12-month contract, and will include a TPG home phone rental with unlimited calls to Australian landlines and some international destinations. Unsurprisingly, it uses the slowest 12Mbps down/1Mbps up NBN option.

TPG's existing unlimited plan is one of the better-value options in the ADSL2+ space. Given the higher potential data volumes on the NBN, making money from that plan might be tricky: TPG will be relying on most customers not actually making use of a large volume of data, and may need to enforce its 'fair use' conditions a little more often.

TPG [via ZDNet]


    Looks good but looks like I have to wait till 2015 to see this for me.

    Angus, Are you sure it isn't 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up?

      Yeah it should be that I am sure!

    That's slower then my ADSL2+ only just though... I run TPG and I've been one of the lucky ones from what i hear with a great connection and no down times...

      Or the silent majority. I'm with TPG (~1.5 km from the exchange, 900m direct) and I consistently download at 1.7MB/s.

        I'd say the average user would get speeds around those for ADSL2+... for the same price... So, what's the appeal?

          Same here. I'm 650m from the exchange and consistently get anywhere between 1.5-2MB/s download on most torrents. Their customer service centre is a pain in the behind to deal with and they screw you over on reconnection fees and downtime, but once I was up and running, I don't have anything to do with them any more. Money gets deducted automatically and I stream hundreds of GB's per month at high speed without batting an eyelid.

            Because not many of us actually get 12Mbps on ADSL2, whereas on the NBN it's guaranteed.

    12Mbits is at or below the average DSL2 sync speed, so this plan should be *easier* for TPG to make money on.
    The only thing I don't know is: How is NBN backhaul purchased? Is it provisioned 1:1 all the way back to the aggregation point? Is it included in the "tail" price? If not, the contention those on CMUX/RIM hardware complain about is likely to afflict everyone in the near future.
    Finally, can I have a go at rewriting the headline? "New Fibre Network brings slower speeds, greater congestion"

      LG you are badly misinformed. Replacing copper with fibre will not increase congestion nor decrease speeds. Quite the opposite.

    Im with dodo and download unlimited at 2.4mb/s for 59 a month. Don't think I'd bother with a plan like this. (I'm one of the few really lucky ones though! :)

      do you live at the exchange or something lol ?

        i too am with dodo and live i a small country town of winchelsea in victoria but i also get speeds up to and around 2.5mps when downloading torrents.

    Hmm it's pretty much an ADSL2 plan. 12Mbps being about 1.5 MBps which i already get now. I get a bit over 2 MBps atm. I don't need unlimited so i won't be paying more for less. I want a 100Mbps plan :)

    Thank god for TPG.

    BTW their ADSL2 plan is actually $59.99, not $69.99, without any bundling.

    I sync at about 9Mbps now. If I could get a guaranteed 12Mbps I would take it.

    Would be good for people who are further away from their exchange and who have issues with connection speeds. Does NBN need a land line? If not I can also see how this could be beneficial. If you move into an area that TPG can service, you don't need to worry about issue that involve connecting a phone line.

    Im on the tpg 500GB plan atm, and am thinking of hopping onto unlimited + home phone atm since my 2 year contracts just ending. Does anyone know if my speeds will be affected at all? Im averaging 1.4MB/s atm and im about 1.6km away from the exchange, i remember readibg years ago that the unlimited wasnt as reliable on its speeds but mightve just been one off maybe

      Nope. Your speed won't change. You are the same distance away and if you aren't in a major city, chances are you are using Telstra's hardware anyway.

    Hopefully once it appears on the site there will be an option to get higher tiers but with a download limit each month. I'm moving across to TPG (once they process my application) so hopefully in a year they will have some additional options available.

    To all those saying 'This is the same as their current ADSL2+ Unlimited plan!", yeah, it is, but slightly higher price, but the main difference? It'd be available everywhere the NBN is rolled out, rather than only in regions where TPG have their own exchanges. I live on the central coast, and there is no ADSL2+ internet plan available to me with an unlimited cap (well, that is without spending like $140/mth), so I'd take this happily!

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