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Dear Lifehacker, I'm shopping around for a tablet and have noticed that the one I am after is available much more cheaply online ($100 or more). How likely is it that the local retailers (JB Hi Fi, Good Guys, Harvey Norman and so on) will be willing to match this?


Few things rile the Aussie consumer regulator as much as unsubstantiated claims that a product is "Australian made" when it isn't. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has just fined a manufacturer $20,400 for making fake origin and nutrition claims about a house brand juice it produced for a supermarket chain.


Hey Lifehacker, I recently bought a GoPro 4 from an online retailer (BecexTech). It never arrived and I have been stuck in a seemingly endless loop of emails with BecexTech customer support blaming Australia Post and refusing to refund the purchase. Australia Post tell me they never received the item in the first place, BecexTech tell me Australia Post have lost it. Someone is obviously wrong (or lying). How can I force BecexTech to refund my purchase?


Hey Lifehacker, I have a question about new car warranties. We have a Holden Captiva 5 series 2 2012 model. Recently the engine has failed. The problem is that due to my partner's work hours over the last two years and a recent spell of unemployment, he only had it serviced once.


Hi Lifehacker, I recently bought a discounted bikini online and I want to exchange it for a smaller size, but the company's policy states that sale items cannot be exchanged or refunded. I didn't think simply swapping it over for a different size would be such a big deal, and just want to know my rights before I reply to them as I'm so frustrated!


Think that by signing a fixed-price contract for electricity or gas you'll know what the rate is for the life of the contract? Think again. The market regulator has confirmed that power companies have the right to change the rates charged on a fixed-price contract whenever they like -- even before the deal begins. What a ridiculous joke.


Hey Lifehacker, Recently I had a long-running warranty dispute with an electronics manufacturer. They "repaired" the item in question a few times but I was still having issues. In arranging a replacement, I had to sign and agree to not discuss the terms of the warranty with anyone but a lawyer. The provider claimed "neither party is responsible, but we are replacing the product to avoid ongoing dispute" in the paperwork.


Dear Lifehacker, I have recently booked a holiday abroad through a large travel agency. When the confirmation was sent through we have seen that we have to pay the hotel a surcharge for facilities and another surcharge for house cleaning services. Both of these amounts will have tax on top and are to be paid locally to the hotel. When we booked the travel through the Australian travel agency we were not informed of these costs and were not made aware of these extras. Is it legal for extras to be included in this way, or does it break rules about pricing?