Australian Government Agencies Asking Google To Remove Even More Content

Someone in a Canberra office has been busy with their browser. Between July and December last year, Australian government agencies asked Google to remove 646 items online.

According to its Transparency Report, which is updated every six months, Google only complied with 35 per cent of those requests. The vast majority were for web search results due to "privacy and security", with a handful from other Google services.

Google divides its numbers into two categories: the number of content removal requests (17 this time around in Australia, 10 in the preceding six months) and the number of items requested (646 this time, just 10 the six months before). That big increase suggests that one agency found a lot of results it objected to. Whether that's border security, illegal content or embarrassing pictures of ministerial hairstyles is anybody's guess.

Google Transparency Report [via Official Google Blog]


    "Whether that’s border security, illegal content or embarrassing pictures of ministerial hairstyles is anybody’s guess."

    Aaaaaand there's why the 'transparency report' means jack.

      You dont expect them to say exactly what they removed, now would you?

        If it has already been removed - yes.

        Doesnt need to be specific, just so we know what our government is censoring.

        I'd like to know if what was removed was [Pornographic Content] or [Stuff the Embarasses the Government, but People Should Still Have the Right to Know].

          Can't it be both? ;)

            hahahaha made my night

    Hah! I can see right through their transparency report....

      *baddum tish*

    I don't understand the difference between "number of content removal requests" and "number of items requested"

      There were 17 content removal requests. Each of those requests can have multiple items included in the request.

        Oh I see. I thought they were two different types of take-down requests. So if I understand you correctly, the number of items requested will always be greater than or equal to the number of content removal requests (since every content removal request will consist of at least 1 "item")?

    If you select 'Reason Breakdown' it shows you that of the requests they complied to the majority of the requests for web search removals were due to Court Orders and the other 1 request was due to "Executive, Police, etc."

    Most of the "Executive, Police, etc." were directed at YouTube for a whopping SIX items. (5 requests)

    supposedly one was for defamation relating to google earth

    We're quickly becoming a nanny state.

    I see no one has heard of or ever seems to care about a reason that may be why some were taken down, National Security.

      I see g-man didn't actually read the post, which mentions security as a potential reason.

    is there any one who provides this service of content removal?

    It's my name being displayed .google has no right to display content that is offensive about you.this is why a lawsuit will be filed

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