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Welcome to the start of Daylight Saving Time — the "spring forward", so to speak — but who came up with this bizarre practice? And why? Who should you blame for losing an hour of your glorious weekend?


A “spill” for most people would be something to clear up, but what is happening today behind closed doors is something quite different. So how does the process of a leadership challenge work? Monash’s Zareh Ghazarian takes a look at the process behind the current leadership crisis.


Benjamin Bathurst was a British diplomat who disappeared without a trace in Germany in 1809. In a day and age when sophisticated forensics didn't exist, this might not sound too mysterious - especially during the Napoleonic Wars when murders, robberies and assassinations were common.

However, his disappearance was so notably sudden that many attributed it to a supernatural cause, even suggesting that he had hopped between dimensions. No, really.


Earlier in the week, US President Donald Trump was blasted by multiple commentators for “treasonous” behaviour, after siding with the Kremlin over his own government agencies. These are obviously very serious charges - but how closely does his behaviour meet the legal definition of 'treason' under US law? Let's find out...


Breaking into devices that are protected with strong encryption has been a vexed issue for the government. While, on one hand it's easy to see the rationale for law enforcement wanting to access devices during criminal investigations, this needs to be balanced by the desire, or perhaps even right, for individuals to expect that their private communications and information remain private. But the government is pushing on with their legislative agenda, seeking to compel tech companies to help them access encrypted messages.


Budget night is fast approaching - which means we're about to find out who'll get squeezed for more taxes. Personal incomes tax cuts are on the agenda, but they aren't expected to amount to much for individual Aussies. As ever, some people will feel the pinch more than others. Here's how the current projection compares to the tax rates of previous governments.


Microsoft has opened two new Azure regions, both based in Canberra, in partnership with Canberra Data Centres. The new Azure Australia Central Regions will cater specifically to the needs of government and national critical infrastructure for Australia and New Zealand with a focus on high performance, resilience and availability. The new regions will not be be for broad-scale use, with multiple connectivity options available.


The Minister for Home Affairs, Petter Dutton, has flagged that he plans to introduce legislation to the parliament that will compel companies that provide end-to-end encryption on products and services to decrypt communications and data when requested. But there seems to be a fundamental difference in understanding in how encryption works and how they think it works.


The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is in the process of redesigning the country's banknotes with an emphasis on new security features. Following in the footsteps of the $5 and $10 notes, we now have a new $50 version - and we're beginning to come around to the updates.


The Federal government is going to spin revelations of the leaked Cabinet papers in lots of ways. But the entire matter comes down to a simple fact. Information security might be backed by technology in many cases. But all the best tech in the world isn't worth a pinch of salt if humans cock things up.

This leak, which will cause great embarrassment in government and opposition ranks, is the fault of people who simply didn't do their jobs.