Evernote For iOS And Mac Get Updates

Evernote For iOS And Mac Get Updates

iOS/Mac: The iOS and Mac clients for the note-taking service Evernote have both received big updates that include interface changes and new features. The Mac version received an entirely new Card View, while the iOS version gets an upgrade to the note editor.

The iOS version gets an entirely redesigned notes screen with new text styling and a cleaner info screen. The update also packs in a new checkbox system for lists, a new audio recorder and a few other smaller tweaks.

On the Mac client end, the biggest update is a new card view that turns your notes into note cards that you can view on one large board. A few smaller tweaks come in the update as well, including word count, a new info screen, better printing and keyboard shortcuts for date stamps (CMD+Shift+D for date, CMD+Shift+Option+D for time). Both updates are free in the iTunes App Store or Mac App Store.

Evernote for iOS [iTunes App Store via Evernote Blog]
Evernote for Mac [Mac App Store via Evernote Blog]


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