Lifehacker’s New iPad Launch Day Guide

Lifehacker’s New iPad Launch Day Guide

The new third-generation iPad went on sale in Australia as the clock ticked over this morning. If you’re contemplating queuing up to buy one today or ordering one in the future, here’s what you need to know.

Buying outright

New iPad Australian Pricing: Cheaper Than Before At Apple’s official list prices, the new iPad is cheaper than its predecessors. That said, some retailers, including Kogan, Big W and Target, are offering cheaper prices than Apple itself. If you don’t plan on trying your luck queuing at an Apple store or reseller, you can order online (including through eBay), but don’t expect delivery for at least a week if not longer.

If you’re looking to save money rather than grab the latest and greatest, the iPad 2 is now significantly cheaper. Apple itself only sells the 16GB model, but Dick Smith and Big W are among the retailers with run-out pricing on the full range of models (16GB, 32GB and 64GB).

Buying on contract

Planhacker: All The New iPad Contract Plans The third-generation iPad is the first tablet to be available at launch on contract plans from all three of Australia’s major carriers. Frankly, it’s a stupidly expensive way of doing it, but we’ve rounded up all the plans if you’re tempted.

Getting connected

Planhacker: iPad SIM Plans March 2012 If you buy a 3G iPad outright, there’s a lot of prepaid SIM plans available for use when you can’t access Wi-Fi. This Planhacker table lists them all.

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    • Shouldn’t have pre-ordered from Apple’s website and just go to Target today – still Processing Items on my order. Oh well, guess I can wait for a week lol

  • Ordered from apple web site earlier this week. Due to ship on 3 April. Wandered into jb hiding at 4pm this afternoon and they had heaps of stock. Bought one and cancelled my apple store order straight away. 🙂

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