How Do Officeworks iPad Prices Compare?

Officeworks has begun selling a selection of iPad models. For bargain hunters, that's useful for two reasons: some prices are lower than Apple, and the Officeworks Officeworks price match policy means if any other store offers a bargain, you can get it from Officeworks for that price less 5 per cent.

Officeworks is selling the 16GB iPad 2 and the current iPad with Retina Display, though the latter only comes in Wi-Fi models. You can order online, but have to pick up in an Officeworks store. Here are the Officeworks prices and the official Apple store prices for comparison:

Model Officeworks Apple
Retina 16GB $498 $539
Retina 32GB $648 $649
Retina 64GB $758 $759
2 16GB $395 $429
2 16GB 3G $558 $569

The prices for the 16GB Retina and Wi-Fi only iPad 2 are much lower; the discounts aren't as marked with other models. However, iPad sales from other retailers happen fairly regularly, so using the price match option to get an even cheaper deal shouldn't be difficult. Kogan, for instance, has the 16GB Retina model for $469 right now. Even when you add $20 for postage, that's cheaper, so Officeworks should price smatch that and take off 5 per cent for a total price of $464.55. (Note that the item has to be in stock at any online store and delivery charges will be included when calculating the competitor price.)



    So.... same price as JB Hifi and Big W?

    Yes, but JB Hifi and Big W don't offer a price match and 5% off, especially when you say the word Kogan...

      And so they shouldn't kogan is a rougue business taking advantage of the high tax import threshold, Kogans prices don't include gst; there's 10% right there. Plus you factor in purchasing from a retail store having a bricks and motar store, employing Australians rather than drop shipping from overseas and that you can purchase it now and walk our with it rather than wait. I think those factors more than easily cover the price difference.

      But OW don't actually stick to their price match guarantee. They get out of it wherever they can.

      They once wouldn't pricematch me because the deal was from Amazon (still in stock and bearing in mind shipping costs, the reason given was they don't pricematch Amazon...I never saw that in their policy...oh wait it isn't there).

      In fact: "Identical products are price matched against online stores".


      Last edited 12/12/12 7:42 pm

    The iPad at Officeworks is online only, and I can tell you now they won't price match it, as it is an 'online only' item. Stops us from getting the 20% employee discount too

      I can second this. iPads cannot be price matched.

      Last edited 06/12/12 11:04 pm

        Nothing surprising about this, checking facts and researching isn't super high on the LH priorities.

    Price matching is a way for the larger players to decimate (eventually) the opposition.. How many local hardware stores are there?

    It's short term gain, but longer term pain, when eventually there will be no competition. Just the major players offering to sell at r/r or $1 less.

    Wake up and support the business that offered the original discount!

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