Apple Sets iPad 2 Pricing For Australia

Apple Sets iPad 2 Pricing For Australia

With just over two days to go until the iPad 2 launches in Australia on Friday, Apple has finally set local pricing for the device. The weird thing? If you go to an Apple Store to buy it, you’ll have to wait until 5pm.

The pricing matches up with rumours that were circulating earlier this week. For Wi-Fi only models: 16GB is $579, 32GB is $689 and 64GB is $799. For the Wi-Fi+3G models, the 16GB model is $729, the 32GB is $839 and the 64GB is $949. Standard smart covers are $45, while the leather versions are $79.

Online orders will be available at 1am, but Apple stores and “selected Apple authrorised resellers” won’t start selling the iPad 2 until 5pm (in whatever your local time zone is). Apart from rather cynically assuming that guarantees Apple a bunch of live crosses from 6pm news services, that again suggests that the devices might be in short supply. It could also lead to some last-minute queuing drama. The “suburban” Apple stores in Castle Hill, Charlestown, Chatswood, Chermside and Robina all have Friday closing times of 5:30pm; I imagine they’ll need to adjust the hours this week.


  • They are not in short supply. It is a marketing gimmick employed to create the perception that the device is in high demand, and therefore desirable. It used to work, but now most consumers are more savvy. The only suckers who fall for this are Apple fanboys!
    Most rational consumers will make a purchasing decision based on features, benefits and value for money. Unfortunately, in my opinion, iPad 2 is trailing behind Android devices on all counts. (Assuming we get Motorola Xoom & Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sometime soon)

    • So it’s trailing behind devices that we can’t buy? While the Xoom is by far the better device overall, I doubt my mother would be able to use one as easily as she can her iPad, and the user interface is far more intuitive on the iPad for non-geeks. Personally, I’d probably get a Xoom or HP TouchPad, but just making a case.

    • Gee, Dave Lord thinks “most” rational consumers will choose one of the competing devices which Dave sees as offering better “features, benefits and value for money”. What does ‘most’ mean Dave? 95%? 90%? 85?

      I’m willing to bet real money that iPad captures over 50% of the market, based on sales to end-users (and actually I suspect it will be more like 80 or 85%). Whaddayasay Dave? Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and back your ‘most’ getting even to 50%? Email me. If we make the bet juicy enough, you can fund my iPad 3 for me…

      • Hey Lindsay, please read my comment again….
        I said “Most rational consumers will make a purchasing decision based on features, benefits and value for money. ”
        If their decision is that the iPad 2 is the device for them, then they are welcome to buy one. Really, I don’t care what they buy! My statement is contrasting that decision to the choice of Apple fanboys who will line up, like sheep, to buy one on day one, having never held, or even seen the device!
        Then I said “IN MY OPINION, iPad 2 is trailing behind Android devices on all counts” So Android will be my Tab of choice.
        I am not a betting man…. gambling is for losers! However, based on the fact that Android phones are outselling iPhones, I firmly believe that Android Tabs will outsell iPads within a very short time after the models I mentioned hit our shores.
        And if they don’t? I really don’t care! I welcome the diversity in the range of products available.
        For the record, my desktop system is Apple.

        • You’re aware that the only reason Android is “outselling” iPhones/iPads is because it’s spread across multiple handsets right? I know I seem like an Apple fanboy, which is semi-true (I prefer iOS personally, more for familiarity than anything).
          I work in a 3/Vodafone store, and we must have about 6 Android handsets out on display as live demo units, out of the 10 handsets on display (there’s also a Nokia N8, HTC Trophy, Blackberry (Curve I think), and an LG Mini), compared to the 2 iPhones we stock. Keeping in mind that we don’t have all the handsets out for live demo’s, and there’s a few other Android phones in the store, we must stock around 12-15 Android phones all in all.
          Again I don’t mean to sind like an arse when I say this, but I hate the argument that Android is outselling iOS therefore Android is superior. If you take each Android device on it’s own and compare to the equivalent iOS device, they would all lose as far as sales go. Whether that’s down to “sheeple” or product awareness or whatever is irrelevant.
          Apple is a hardware maker who happens to make all their own Operating Systems, not the other way around.

  • I’m glad they’re selling them after 5pm.

    That means I MAY get a chance to queue up after work.

    $89 difference from the US version. That’s not bad, I seem to remember it being a $200 difference before. Definitely getting one… for my mom.

    • Withholding supply to keep demand high only works to an extent. It’s not realistic to say that Apple is withholding a huge supply just to keep the frenzy going.

      Sure, they don’t want to flood the market, but it’s not realistic in todays world to have 3 week delays on shipping if you have supply (as seen in the US). Consumers want things and they want them ASAP, so some customers will choose alternate products if they are forced to wait for this amount of time.

      Similarly, Apple makes fantastic money on the App Store, and the hardware is a driver for the App Store, so they would intend on keeping as much supply as possible available to further drive that revenue.

      • Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t say they were witholding a huge supply, then.

        But they’ll be only releasing enough stock so it “sells out” initially, so that all the media outlets can report that, and then report that new stock has arrived a couple of days later.

        • Perhaps. But I think you will find that after the initial batch, a constant supply wont be available for months and not days. I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks.

  • Sold from 5pm? I wonder how they’ll work this out in WA where most shops close there by law at that time.

    Not that I’m going to drop $500+ on something that’s basically a bigger version of my phone.

      • Yep – last time I saw Perth, it was late-night trading in the city on Fridays, and Thursday night in the suburbs, but they’ve also just changed their trading laws again. Moving slowly into the 20th century.

  • All the comments are interesting. But irrelevant. The marketplace will dictate the ‘winner’ and from a personal perspective, the ‘ winner’ is the consumer. Whether he/defies on the luscious iPad or decides to stick with their Dell/whatever.

    But based on th US experience it would seem that the release will be a major success in terms of units sold and the platform it continues to build around the Ap Store.

    • So mob mentality rules hey Mike? Just because there is an endless stream of mindless Isheeple doesn’t mean the Ipad is therefore the best. Sure, Apple market sales and shares may be higher and from an investor’s POV shares in Apple (and thus the gullibility of Isheeple) is a desirable thing. There are too many idiots too keen to part with their cash for little return. This however has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

  • I have to say, I see more people here calling people who use Apple products sheep, than actual Apple fanboys promoting the latest iProduct. Who are they all arguing with exactly? Most people seem to be fairly balanced in their comments here, neither slamming the iPad, nor promoting it.

    Everyone has different requirements and needs, which might be suited better by a particular device, whether that’s the iPad, HP TouchPad, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook or a Galaxy Tab. I fail to see what the argument is here. If the product isn’t for you, just move on, don’t criticise those who like it.

    • Yeah, all the posters ragging on the Apple fanboys who’ll be lining up have it exactly right.

      You never see people lining up to buy an Android pad.

      Hmmm. Now that I say it out loud, I wonder if thats a good thing?

          • Sorry lost me there. Which favourite toy is that? Any time you want to point out where I am wrong feel free. The fact you are reacting that way suggests pretty strongly you know I am right.

          • I’m not pointing towards any specific device, just your childish lashing out at a specific brand. I’d say you’re a troll, but you wouldn’t be a very good one.

          • Didn’t think you had anything specific to say.

            I don’t think it is childish to point out that Apple appeals to a group of people who have foregone critical thought. They would be the children protecting a overpriced toy in the playground (as you it). The Apple management must be killing themselves laughing thinking people fall for their mind games. In contrast, I chose to think and use any and every tool available to me based on merit, not mob mentality.

          • I like and own a lot of Apple products. I have never, and will never drop that kind of money on something that doesn’t meet my needs as a consumer. The products do, so I buy them. That’s neither mob mentality nor lack of critical thinking. Que please don’t generalise. If we Apple users generalised about people waiting for an Android tablet that actually works, then we would describe you as “utter retards”. Stick that in your troll pipe and smoke it pal.

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