Cheaper iPad 2 Options From Big W, Optus

As we've already noted, the iPad 2 will be in short supply on launch day. But there's a couple of potential areas where you can save money on the tablet itself or the SIM to go with it, courtesy of Big W and Optus.

Nick at Gizmodo has details of the iPad 2 pricing from Big W; most models are $11 cheaper than the official Apple prices, while the 64GB+3G model is $51 cheaper. How much stock they'll have at the 5pm launch is, of course, another matter.

Optus is also offering a special on its prepaid iPad SIM kits, offering a free starter kit with 500MB of data through Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Apple, David Jones and Myer. Optus normally charges a $30 setup fee (but includes 2GB of data with that version).

Big W iPad Pricing Is A Bit Cheaper [Gizmodo]


    Link at the bottom doesn't match the description...

    Stock at 5pm today? Almost none, for sure.

      Thanks for the link spot, fixed now.

    Where can I find out more on the Optus Sims, haven’t found this information anywhere else

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