Dealhacker: Kogan Undercutting Apple On New iPad

The price for the new iPad is already pretty keen, but if you're not in a mad rush to get one, Kogan is selling the new model for slightly less than Apple's own pricing.

The online retailer is offering between $80 and $90 off each model. You have to pay shipping on top, but that still makes for a cheaper deal overall in most instances. You won't get delivery until late March, but unless you were one of the very first to order, Apple isn't guaranteeing delivery dates either. In the meantime, if you want an older iPad 2 straight away, there are plenty of bargains to be had.

Kogan [via OzBargain]


    The fact that this is news should be all the proof anyone needs that Apple engage in anticompetitive resale price maintenance.

      Apple have created this product. They own the product. They are allowed to run their business model however they want. You have the choice of whether you want to transact with their business or not. Stop whinging. Go get a job.

    Be very very careful with Kogan and Apple products. I ordered an iPhone 4S from them, which was drop shipped from Hong Kong, with a UK/HK power adapter which does not have the exchangeable "duck head" like the normal one does. I've been digging with them for over a week now to get a proper adapter, with no luck. Their customer service is utter rubbish.

    Pleaese excuse my autocorrect. That's fighting, not digging.

      you can easily find a UK/HK adapter at the asian style reject store in the local malls or just visit the reject store. I think asian grocery stores keep them as well

    You missed my point, Jeff. I'm in Australia. They sent me a UK adapter. They refuse to send me a new, genuine Australian adapter.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    This is just because Kogan H.K. don't pay GST. Add 10%to cover GST to their prices and you get:

    Black 16GB Wifi (cheapest option)
    Kogan $479 + $29 delivery = $508 + 10% GST = $558
    Apple Australia $539 + $0 delivery = $539

    Black 64GB 3G (most expensive option)
    Kogan $789 + $29 delivery = $818 + 10% GST = $899.80
    Apple Australia $899 + $0 delivery = $899

    So there you have it. No mystery where the bargain is coming from, it's because you're acting as the importer when you buy from Kogan Hong Kong directly and taking advantage of the $1000 GST-free importation limit.

      I forgot to add, that Kogan's limit of 1 per person is so that your don't exceed the GST-free limit and end up getting charged duty + GST by customs.

      So if you think of ordering two iPads from Kogan and they are delivered to the same address, on the same day or thereabouts, you might end up with a sizeable GST bill.

      Space your orders out by a week at least to be safe.

        @Chris McMahon - your logic makes no sense. Of course Kogan is not going to charge customers GST when they don't have to. But your numbers take freight into account. Kogan would be paying for shipping of the goods from wherever they distribute their products from. And then they can still get them delivered to a customer for over 10% cheaper (even after they have paid for delivery) - this means Kogan's price advantage on the market is more than 10% - not just the GST>

    I am looking to purchase an iPhone 4S from Kogan for $578 delivered. Will this be a genuine Apple phone, only cheaper due to lack of GST. Will I get any Apple store support included?

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