How Much Cheaper Is An ‘Old’ iPad Now?

How Much Cheaper Is An ‘Old’ iPad Now?

Apple has announced new iPad and iPad mini models today — but if you’re not fussed about having the absolutely latest tech, older iPad models have also become much cheaper. Here’s how much prices have been cut, plus the models that are being phased out altogether.

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Apple’s approach across all its older iPad models is the same: it continues to sell 16GB and 32GB variants, but has dumped the 64GB and 128GB models. If you want that much capacity, you’ll have to buy an iPad Air 2 or an iPad Mini 3. (There are likely to be limited run-out stocks of larger capacity ‘old’ iPads from retailers other than Apple itself, but these won’t last long.)

With the iPad Mini, Apple has rebranded the iPad Mini Retina as the iPad Mini 2. The original Mini also continues to be available, but only in a 16GB model. Here’s a list of the new pricing, along with comparisons to the old pricing:

Model Type Size Old price New price Saving
iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB $598.00 $499.00 $99.00
iPad Air Wi-Fi 32GB $699.00 $549.00 $150.00
iPad Air Wi-Fi 64GB $799.00 Cancelled
iPad Air Wi-Fi 128GB $899.00 Cancelled
iPad Air Wi-Fi+Mobile 16GB $749.00 $659.00 $90.00
iPad Air Wi-Fi+Mobile 32GB $849.00 $709.00 $140.00
iPad Air Wi-Fi+Mobile 64GB $949.00 Cancelled
iPad Air Wi-Fi+Mobile 128GB $1,049.00 Cancelled
iPad Retina Wi-Fi 16GB $449.00 Cancelled
iPad Retina Wi-Fi+Mobile 16GB $598.00 Cancelled
iPad Mini Retina Wi-Fi 16GB $479.00 $369.00 $110.00
iPad Mini Retina Wi-Fi 32GB $598.00 $429.00 $169.00
iPad Mini Retina Wi-Fi 64GB $699.00 Cancelled
iPad Mini Retina Wi-Fi 128GB $799.00 Cancelled
iPad Mini Retina Wi-Fi+Mobile 16GB $629.00 $529.00 $100.00
iPad Mini Retina Wi-Fi+Mobile 32GB $749.00 $589.00 $160.00
iPad Mini Retina Wi-Fi+Mobile 64GB $849.00 Cancelled
iPad Mini Retina Wi-Fi+Mobile 128GB $949.00 Cancelled
ipad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB $349.00 $299.00 $50.00
ipad Mini Wi-Fi+Mobile 16GB $499.00 Cancelled

As a general rule, we’d always advise buying the newest tech if you can afford it. However, tablets have proved to have a longer lifespan than phones, and the entry-level models here are perfectly good if you want an iOS tablet experience but don’t want to pay top-shelf prices.


  • Or buy an older model certified Apple refurb. Recently needed to upgrade due to my ipad3 running out of space (could only afford the 16gb model when I bought it). Got a refurbed ipad3 with 64gb for about the same price as an iPad air with 16gb. Depends what you want to do with it, but I really just wanted more space, wasn’t too concerned about the thinner form factor.

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