iiNet Speeds Up Process For Naked Changeover

iiNet Speeds Up Process For Naked Changeover

Moving to naked DSL (broadband where you don’t also pay line rental) saves money, but a perennial annoyance has been that you can often wait weeks while the service is transferred. iiNet says it has now sped the process up and can switch some customers in hours.

The change means that existing iiNet customers can switch from a conventional service to a naked option in “a couple of hours”, while new customers can also sign up fairly quickly. The slow changeover speed, especially for naked services, has been a major bone of contention for years. iiNet says that it has made a technically clever change to enable faster transfers, but how much difference this will make to recalcitrance on Telstra’s part remains to be seen.

In an NBN universe, switching providers shouldn’t involve major delays, since the NBN is entirely a wholesale operation (unlike Telstra, which currently acts as both wholesaler and retailer for most of the copper network). Until that happens, however, this is a welcome improvement. If you’d successfully experienced a faster transfer, tell us about it in the comments.



  • Thanks for the post! I’ve been wanting to switch to NakedDSL for ages, But I just can’t stand the 2 week waiting time, that’s impossible for modern day society D:

  • Rubbish – Im now in week 6 of waiting for the switch over. This article reminded me to give them a call again. Oh yes sir, that will be another 7 business days at least. HA!
    I have always loved iinet, but this has really changed my opinion of them, given they are still charging me phone line rental and wont make credit until the switch over is complete.

    • Hilariously, iinet are still one of the best options for naked dsl. I went with them about a year ago, and some of the competition still required you to fill out paper forms and mail it in to them. I would then take about 5 working days before they even get to your form.

      By comparison, iinet let us set it up on the phone or online and had somebody call us every day to give us updates. When we ran into telstra issues, iinet acted as the middle man and dealt with them/booked a tech so we didn’t have to.
      It took 3 weeks, but I think it would have been much less pleasant with most companies.

  • Why is/has there been such a long waiting time? What do they do!? Do they only have one monkey that does that and they have to climb up a tree and disconnect wires?

  • There is more information contained in this thread –

    It’s still not a cut and dry process, and conditions still need to be met in order to transfer your services to naked.

    Also, this applies only for customers with existing phone lines, not customers who are moving house and need to set up a connection from scratch.

    And it takes up to 20 working days because of all the provisioning involved, and at least two to three tech visits to set up your service, provided nothing goes wrong.

  • I wouldn’t trust iiNet to say a couple of hours, Im on an old plan and i refuse to move to iiNet naked even though i would save money, the fact that they are now saying a few hours, what will stop them saying… oh sorry there is a problem, unless they can guarantee in written form, will I move over.

  • Last month I changed my ADSL to naked with iinet. Despite being told I’d be without Internet access for up to 20 working days I never noticeably lost access. I was tod they were trailing a new way of changing over. However, for some reason they can’t explain, in the first hour of my changeover, when no one was home, iinet recorded me as using 16GB of my quota. They upgraded my account for the month, to compensate for the Phantom usage, but check your quota usage after changing over.

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