naked dsl

  • Dealhacker: The 10 Cheapest Naked Broadband Plans In Australia

    If the only reason you have a landline telephone is the internet, you might want to consider naked DSL. After all, why pay for a service you never use? To help you save money, we’ve gathered the ten cheapest offerings in this category so you can finally put the “house phone” out of its misery.

  • iiNet Speeds Up Process For Naked Changeover

    Moving to naked DSL (broadband where you don’t also pay line rental) saves money, but a perennial annoyance has been that you can often wait weeks while the service is transferred. iiNet says it has now sped the process up and can switch some customers in hours.

  • Adam Joins Upload Counting Trend

    One clear trend in the Australian broadband market has been a shift towards plans that count both uploads and downloads in their monthly allowances. Once largely the domain of Telstra, these days it seems everyone’s doing it. Adam is the latest to join the fray, offering three new AdamEzyChoice plans that use that model.

  • 10 Key Results From The Whirlpool Broadband Survey

    Back in January, we encouraged readers to take part in the annual broadband survey conducted by legendary broadband community Whirlpool. The full results (based on 23,683 responses) have now been published: here’s ten of the most notable findings about the state of broadband in Australia.