iiNet Dumping Off-Peak On Some Plans

When iiNet purchased Internode, a major consumer worry was that iiNet's annoying peak/off-peak distinction for downloads would be extended to Internode. Fortunately, it seems to be working the other way around; iiNet is dropping peak and off-peak calculations from some of its plans.

iiNet is now offering an "anytime quota" to customers who are using one of iiNet's own ADSL2+ connections, or who have a Naked DSL connection. The same arrangement applies to Netspace and Westnet customers. iiNet has also introduced "data blocks" for customers who exceed their quota, another concept which Internode originally pioneered.

When we asked iiNet CEO Michael Malone back in December whether Internode would end up using the same peak/off-peak arrangement, he said: "I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of things get more similar over time but there’s no intention to do that in the short term." The way things have become "more similar" in this area is good for customers. It's a pity it hasn't been extended to everyone, but the nature of wholesale pricing presumably precludes that.



    Looks like it's not just off-net customers that have missed out on this - NBN users appear to have been snubbed too (not that I feel _too_ sorry for them ;)).

      NBN customers are off-net (it's not iiNet's own equipment in that case). But you're right, will be interesting to see if that persists in a largely NBN world.

    So it looks like that iiNet are incorporating some of Internodes features.

    Does this apply to existing customers as well?

      I'm just having a look at that now. It's telling me that my current ADSL2+ Home-2 plan is no longer available and the new ADSL2+ Home-2 is 200GB anytime. I can't see a catch so I'll probably change over.

        Catch is I will need to pay a $29 admin fee if I change to an equal or lesser plan :(

          OK, I just changed my plan to the new one. Even though it was of equal value they didn't charge me the admin fee.

            "If you're on a discontinued plan, you can move to one of our current ones through the Toolbox. We believe our current home and business products offer great value, so we will waive the $29 downgrade fee when you change from a formerly sold plan to a new plan."

    The Naked DSL page is still somewhat confusing. It lists "Naked Home-1" as Anytime quota: 50GB + 50GB.
    Is it just that they haven't updated the table of values? Or is there still a distinction between on- and off-peak that is no longer clear?

    Nice according to my toolbox, I've no longer got Peak/Off-Peak, It's just 1 big ol' chunk o' data.

    Still have peak and off peak, ex super nerd customer until they got bought out. "ADSL1 SPX-6"

    I'm on iinet ADSL 2- home with iiphone.
    I still had 100/100, so I went to the toolbox and upgraded my plan to the same plan with 200G. It didn't cost me anything. yay!

    Apparently my existing Naked 50+50 account is now offered as a Naked 100 account - but would cost me $10 more a month if I switched.

    That's pretty sad considering I've been with iinet for the last 3 1/2 years. I think I'll stick with what I have.

    I'm on a naked 75+75 (grandfathered) plan. I lose 50 gigs for the same price, but can access an extra 25 during peak times. On paper it's not as good but in reality I never hit 100 total anyway. Choices choices.

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