Internode Plans Available Through Another 242 iiNet Exchanges

The integration of iiNet and Internode continues. The latest development? Internode is offering its Easy Broadband plans through another 242 iiNet-equipped DSLAMs, further reducing its dependence on reselling ADSL services sourced through Telstra.

The expansion means the Easy Broadband service is now available from 450 exchanges; the expansion is said to be most obvious in suburban areas of major capital cities. Internode says that availability of naked ADSL services through the same exchanges is being worked on, but won't happen for "a few months". Existing Internode customers using other plans on the exchanges will be automatically migrated over the next few months.

Since its purchase by iiNet last December, Internode has gained access to some of iiNet's Freezone content, changed pricing on some of its ADSL2+ plans and convinced its iiNet parent to drop peak and off-peak distinctions on some plans.


    was there a press release for this information? source?

      You can check the Internode blog; a post from five past twelve EST today has the details.

      It's not obvious to me as to why this is newsworthy. Were Internode really interested in expanding their coverage onto the iiNet network they could have signed a deal years ago, like numerous other ISP's have.

    +1. I'm waiting for this to happen to me.

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