Internode Pushing Fast Transfer For Telstra Users

Internode Pushing Fast Transfer For Telstra Users

In a move signalling that it will be targeted Telstra customers more directly, Internode has said it will be able to shift existing customers of Telstra’s BigPond consumer services onto rival broadband plans much more speedily than in the past.

In a press release announcing the change, Internode explained:

Internode today announces a Single Service Transfer process that allows unhappy BigPond customers to quickly and easily move to an Internode Easy Broadband plan with minimal disruption to their service. Previously some customers moving from BigPond to Internode faced either a two-week interruption of their broadband service or a cumbersome and expensive two-stage migration process. By making the process of moving from BigPond to Internode quick and simple, the Single Service Transfer (SST) process brings BigPond into line with other major ISPs in allowing customers to move to a preferred broadband provider with minimal inconvenience.

I’m guessing one reason Internode can push this line is that an increasing number of its customers who currently use a service which Internode acquires wholesale from Telstra are being moved onto iiNet’s own network. iiNet acquired Internode in December last year. (My own account is about to be moved in this way.)

Internode’s offer comes a week after iiNet said that it was able to speed up the process for transferring customers onto naked DSL from weeks to hours. As far as we’re concerned, the speedier the changeover process for any communications service, the better.


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