Optus iPhone 4S Pricing: How Does It Stack Up?

Following Apple's opening up of pre-ordering for the unlocked iPhone 4S yesterday, Optus has disclosed its contract pricing ahead of the October 14 launch. How does it stack up?

Optus is offering the iPhone 4S on its $49, $59, $79 and $99 monthly plans, all of which require either a 12 or 24-month contract. The 12-month contracts, per usual practice, have higher handset charges. To avoid them altogether, you'll need to sign up to the $79 plan over 24 months for the 16GB model or 32GB model (which means getting the former seems pointless),or the $99 plan over 24 months for the 64GB model.

As ever, a spreadsheet seems the best way to outline the range of costs (you can click on the arrows to sort a column or filter out options you don't want):

Optus says it will hand over pre-ordered stock to customers from 8am on October 14, which incidentally demonstrates that Apple won't be repeating its iPad 2 plot of not selling new gear until late in the afternoon. You can also have the phone sent to you, though in that case you may have to wait up to a week for delivery.

If you don't want to sign up for a contract, Apple is selling direct from its site, at $799 for the 16GB model, $899 for 32GB or $999 for 64GB. Apple is now quoting "1-2 weeks delivery" from October 14 (which means, in practical terms, that if you absolutely must have an iPhone 4S on launch day, you'll be queuing at a store somewhere unless you got in early and scored one of the site orders promising delivery around that date).

We won't be able to make comparisons until both Vodafone and Telstra release plan pricing. Despite Telstra having been the first to update its registration site, no word from that camp yet. It was the first carrier to do so with the iPhone 4 but the last with earlier releases, so it's hard to predict when it will release its pricing — but when it does, we'll be covering it. Ditto for Vodafone, which will need to turn out some good pricing to deal with lingering consumer concerns over its network. Update: Vodafone also put out its pricing later the same night.



    Are these prices on the Optus website at all? And are they confirmed or just rumoured? I heard from a reliable source that Optus would release their pricing at the last minute...

      There is a link to the Optus pricing page at the bottom of the post (though our table puts it much more neatly in one place). Your reliable source just lost any semblance of reliability, frankly.

        I found the pricing on the Optus link eventually... it's not obvious. Have to choose a plan level on the pre-order page and click on the 'more info' link that pops up after that. I was mainly asking cause Im on my phone and not near a computer at the moment and can't scroll through the table on the phone...

        Put it this way... My source is reliable. And as of midday today Optus weren't going to release pricing until Thursday. The pre-order page was always going to be up by Sunday but with no direct pricing. Something had made them change their mind...

          So your source said Thursday, it came out yesterday and you consider them still reliable?

            A reliable source just told me that there will be no iPhone 4S.

        Optus just released new pricing at the last minute. Guess you owe Anonomoose an apology.

    everytime i try to read a post with a Office Webapp on gawker blogs it would keep trying to load it. I'm using chrome. Please fix.

      I'm also using Chrome with no dramas; can you provide more details? (BTB, this is an Allure site if we're being technical.)

    I ordered a black 64GB through the Apple Store app at about 7pm Friday, and both app and resulting email said it would ship "before October 14". There was clearly a limited allocation of stock for those who got in early enough :)

      Thanks; have updated the post to reflect that.

    Well, looks like Vodafone's pre-order for the 4S works much like their network does on occasion. It doesn't.

    I was just on the vodafone site and managed to get a look at their 4s pricing: http://vodafone.com.au/personal/iphone/home/upgrade/index.htm
    however it looks like they have taken down the info. They had a $49 plan with $5 handset repayments so it's slightly cheaper then Optus.

    Whenever I try to pre-order on Optus and I enter my details and click through it shows up with an error message saying it couldnt do that. Anyone else having a similar problem?

      i am, traffic is shocking as expected...

        Even this morning I still get the same problems.
        "Sorry! An error has occurred.

        Unfortunately the page you were on has encountered an error. Please click BACK in your browser to return to the previous page, or use the links below to jump to another area of the site."

        I've tried on my laptop and two desktops :( Ahh well I might have to ring them tomorrow

      Your Account Number isn't your Optus Customer Number, it's your Mobile Number,

      The wording is stupid.

    same problem as Dan, i enter my details and get error.

    So it looks like Optus are not offering any upgrade bonuses like they did with the iPhone 4 (i.e. half price ETC for existing customers).

    That's very disappointing.

    Where are the optus $29 caps?

      Not being offered at this stage (unsurprising; if they had them, the handset charges would probably make for a higher total cost than the $49 plan!)

    Will the iPhone 4s work on the optus network in rural areas?
    I heard that the previous iPhone data connection would basically go back to dial up speeds as soon as you leave Sydney

    Is there any point preordering? Or better off showing up at a store early morning on launch day?

      how early is early enough to guarantee leaving with the one you want?

    Hi Angus,
    Your chart is clear but cannot find a 12 month plan at all for 4s 16gb at Optus,
    Thanks vivi

      Its in the first line of the table! - 16GB 12month contract - $49 plan - $40 per month handset repayment - $1,068.00

    It is indeed the first on the table! But it's nowhere on the optus site

    Okay thanks, that's right - found it now on optus - you pay more 240 for the handset over 24 mths and 480 over 12 mths. 24 mth is better for me in terms of my usage. It's so cheap for handset that's it for me,can't wait for other plans from others
    it's done! All signed up!
    I pick mine up from local shop on 14 or 15th hopefully, yeah more pixels

    I guess I'm the only one who sees a big white space where (I guess) the prices are meant to be?


    I'm running Firefox 7 in Win7HP.

    Does Optus still have the 12 month plan? I can't find it anywhere on the Optus site!

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