Vodafone iPhone 4S Plans: No 12 Month Contracts

Optus only enjoyed a couple of hours of having its iPhone 4S contract plans on the market before Vodafone also put its plans online. The first thing to notice? While Vodafone has frequently offered 12-month plans in the past, it is sticking strictly to 24-month plans this time around.

Given likely stock shortages on the release date of October 14, that's not entirely surprising; Vodafone is also not predicting any delivery dates on its site, and is emphasising online ordering and delivery. The phones are being offered on both its Infinite and Cap plans; I suspect more people will go for the former, especially as it no longer has a tethering penalty. Here are the full details: remember you can click on the arrows to sort or filter any column:

The pricing isn't massively different overall to that from Optus, and as usual . We await Telstra's pricing with interest (and promise a very large spreadsheet with all three, plus other potential contenders such as Virgin Mobile and Crazy John's, when that happens).



    Online upgrading is currently down. But they do give you this nice message:

    "Sorry, we're unable to process your order online. But don't sweat, we're ready to help you out in store or over the phone."

    Oh and by the way - they don't open until 9am tomorrow.

    Oh and please look at the url it sends you to


    Looks like they were expecting an iPhone 5 too!

    Yeah but with Optus you get $10 flat rate movie tickets as well.

      REALLY handy!!

    vodafone do have 12 month contracts for iphone 4s. they sent out a separate release. guess we're doing the authors work for him. perhaps get you facts straight first or at least update it regularly. almost signed up to optus..phew.


    12 month contracts from vodafone are coming soon. pricing is as per link above but release date for them is unknown - maybe a week or two.

    12 month contract is up on vodafone website

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