Telstra Announces Raft Of iPhone 4 Deals

Telstra has become the first carrier to reveal plan pricing for the iPhone 4, offering the phone on its $49, $79 and $99 cap plans (as well as a number of others) when the phone goes on sale in Australia this Friday.

With previous iPhone 4 releases, Telstra has not announced pricing until launch day, so the early information is a welcome change. Its pricing table for its cap plans is below:

Telstra isn't selling the iPhone 4 outright, though Apple is offering it from $859. Telstra is also offering the iPhone 4 on a its Ultimate II and Phone Plan for iPhone plans, detailed on its site at the main link below.

Telstra will mirror Optus by opening stores at midnight to sell the phone (and covering South Australia and Tasmania, which Optus is ignoring). Telstra's list of stores opening at midnight can be found in this PDF document.

Vodafone and 3 are scheduled to announce pricing plans on Wednesday, and we'd expect Optus to make its plans public in the next couple of days as well.



    No $129 deal? It seams compared to Tesltras last offering on the Iphone3 plans, they are actually offering LESS VALE!

    The best they are offering is a $1000 cap 500mb where in there old plans they had $1500 cap and 1000mb, this is a bitter blow for business owners.

      They've already said both in this article and in Telstra's Press Release that they "... also has some great value for Business customers."

      I'm sure business owners will be catered for appropriately.

    The optus plans are now out too

      Are you sure?

      They look like old iPhone plans. There is absolutely no information on models and up front or additional monthly costs dependant on model or plan.

        Well it says:

        "Get more for your iPhone 4
        At Optus, our new iPhone plans come with loads of Mobile Internet Data... blah, blah..." so I guess they are the new plans and they are really, really not bad! Happy here!

        It seems Optus has updated that page since I looked earlier. Model and plan information is now available.

    And again.. Telstra.. your plans SUCK.. come on.. it's not the GSM days.. we all want DATA on our smartphones.. not calls/sms (check out Optus)

    Nowhere yet -- hasn't been added to the store, it seems. But as our earlier post noted, it was sent out in a press release.

    The Telstra plans are a massive improvement. Their cap plans are greatly improved and they've actually gone for a competitive price point on the 16GB model

    The Optus plans are far better than their 3GS launch and they've ramped the data up considerably. Optus were offering $330 of calls and 700MB and pay extra for iPhone 3GS 16GB. Now with iPhone 4 this is $0 for the phone, $550 calls and 2GB data. Massive improvement and bound to be their most popular iPhone 4 plan.

    We've added all the plans and prices. Compare the plans head to head here for exact match on your calling requirements.

    16GB iPhone 4

    32GB iPhone 4

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