Lifehacker’s Complete iPad 2 Launch Day Guide

Apple’s second-generation tablet, the iPad 2, goes on sale today in Australia at 5pm. If you’re already in a queue waiting to buy one, you’ve obviously already made up your mind: for everyone else, here’s what you need to know.

Note that if you’re not already in the queue, the chances of your actually scoring an iPad 2 today seem relatively slim. Apple has chosen an unusual late-in-the-day launch time, isn’t extending its opening hours at stores which usually close at 5:30pm on a Friday, and is quoting a 2-3 week delivery time for anyone who orders the iPad 2 online. All of that points to a fairly limited supply, and one that’s going to get consumed by the people who were willing to give up days of their life to wait for one. To prove the point, check this video of the iPad 2 buying queue in Sydney at 7am on Friday morning:

So Australia won’t be overflowing with iPad 2 owners over the next week. However, many people are likely to consider buying an iPad 2 at some point during the year (though perhaps no more than one in four of you). Here’s some useful information to help with that purchase decision.

Five Reasons To Buy The iPad 2
Lifehacker’s publisher Seamus makes the case for why the iPad 2 is a great buy . . .

Five Reasons Not To Buy The iPad 2
. . . while I point out why it might not be such a great choice for upgrading users. (Note that this was written before local pricing was announced, which only happened on Wednesday.)

Planhacker: iPad SIM Plans And Prepaid Deal
If you want a fully mobile iPad 2, then you’ll likely buy a 3G-enabled model. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Australia prepaid 3G SIMs aimed at iPad users. (Note that you can also tether the iPad using an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3, or an Android phone with suitable Wi-Fi hotspot software.)

iPad 2 review
Our sibling site Gizmodo reviews the iPad in depth. (The reviewer is unarguably an enthusiast, but does point out some of the shortcomings.)

Kotaku vs. Gizmodo: Should We Buy An iPad 2?
One of the key features distinguishing the iPad 2 from its predecessor is a better processor, which potentially makes it a more appealing games device. Our sibling site editors Mark from Kotaku and Nick from Gizmodo debate the merits of the iPad 2 as a gaming platform.

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