Lifehacker Analyses iPhone 4S Pricing

Both Optus and Vodafone put out contract pricing for the iPhone 4S on Saturday night, so if you missed it due to other weekend commitments, have a look at our comprehensive interactive spreadsheets for Optus and Vodafone.


    I'd probably call that a couple of links rather than an analysis.

      (but thanks)

        Sorry, I apologise - I thought you were just linking to the relevant pages on the Optus and Vodafone websites. Who's the fool now, huh?

          Nobody pulls the wool over Andrew's eyes.

          Well...they "are" a couple of links...but you're still herping the derp.

    I ended up pre-ordering my iphone 4s from vodafone on the weekend after going to the Sydney store and being told that there will be none available from any store and the fastest way to get one would be to pre-order online and it may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. Is this true?

    Anyone who buys a 4S now is a fool.
    Why lock yourself into a contract of 12 or 24 months.
    The 5 is likely to be released in January 2012 once all the habbabaloo over Jobs death 'dies' down.

      Wow that's an excellent observation - perhaps MacRumors should shut down and everyone can contact you for expert predictions on Apple releases.

        Snarky Mcsnarkington
        Dude he is entitled to an opinion.

          Strange way of giving an opinion I thought...

          "Anyone who buys a 4S now is a fool."
          Oh really? The millions of 3G and 3GS users may beg to differ.

          "Why lock yourself into a contract of 12 or 24 months."
          Not everyone can afford the upfront costs.

          "The 5 is likely to be released in January 2012 once all the habbabaloo over Jobs death ‘dies’ down."
          More like 'very very unlikely' - Apple have never released a new product within the first 12 months of a products life cycle.

            "Apple have never released a new product within the first 12 months of a products life cycle."
            Buyer's guide begs to differ: plenty of items within a 12 month "life cycle". The iPod range is just about the only one with a 12 monthly refresh.

        Don't be a sook. It really is unsightly.

        BTW EVERY 3G and 3GS owner I have spoken to since the launch have already (or will order soon) an Android device (mostly SGS2 although some others thrown in there as well).

        Apple have dropped the ball over this one. This only confirms my move away from Apple as the best tech decision of my life.

          And then on the other hand myself and other coworkers that went from an iPhone to an Android device are now looking to order the 4S after not liking our Android experiences.

            Funny how people from different backgrounds in different workplaces have different tech needs. I fully admit I work with highly intelligent and motivated people ( no troll intended) who are attracted to cutting edge tech. They are also very independent thinkers and don't like being told what to do- hence no Apple.

      The decision comes down to the first model of a new device, or the more refined version of an old device? That's the way I see it. Both have their benefits.

      When I bought the very last version of the MacBook Pro before they redesigned it, that was the same decision I was making. The final last hurrah with all the kinks worked out, or the first gen model of the new one with the inevitable quirks. Can't see how that's a bad thing.

      I'm not getting a 4S cause I have a 4, but if I had a 3GS I'd definitely get one instead of waiting for the 5.

        "I’m not getting a 4S cause I have a 4, but if I had a 3GS I’d definitely get one instead of waiting for the 5."

        Thank you.
        These are exactly my thoughts.

      Anybody who buys an Apple iPhone 4S now is a fool! You can buy a whole bag of apples at the store for only $4.99.

    Personally, I think it will be a lot longer than January because I think apple will want the next version to be LTE capable. I don’t think apple want to get caught with faulty equipment again and will wait for proven/tested 28nm LTE chips. Based on the below article id have to agree with it and predict iPhone 5 to be about 12 months away.

    It's too much for too little. As a current contracted owner of a 3GS, I'll be going with Android once I come off contract.

      Done it. Best move I ever made to leave Apple. I am frustrated every time I pick up my wife's IP4 - it's the most demoralising experience being locked into that ecosystem.

      Why agonise about going from a Holden to a Ford when you can have a Aston Martin right now?

        Have you ever actually tried to get parts for an Aston Martin? Or custom lining... phone dock... et cetera. That is a rather tenuous metaphor. Perhaps a souped-up russian modded car would be more appropriate. Those have pieces from all over the place and foam plastic bodywork.

        I'm not saying the iPhone is better than Android (as neither do you discount that), I'm just saying your ecosystem analogy is weird.


        As my own post, I'm a 3GS owner who is planning on getting a 4S, and had expected one - nay, hoped for one, before the launch. Why? Because the radically new designs always have the most unforeseen problems and I don't want to have to wait yet another few months for those problems to get sorted. The 3GS was good because it had the stability of the 3G plus video. The 4S has the stability of the lessons learned from the 4, plus a decent camera, better video recording and this new voice recognition thing. Personally I wouldn't get an iPhone 5 because something in it will break and the first few thousand people who get it will discover exactly how easy it is to do it.

          You're right. I should have used a BMW as an example. Better build quality, better user experience, not like cheaper built cars that rattle and fall apart after 2 years.

      That's a decision I have not regretted for a second, I doubt you will either.

    The chances of apple releasing a new iPhone before June 2012 are very slim probably around the 5% mark why? Because apple would not waste tens of millions on producing a new iPhone before 4G LTE technology becomes available as it would put them even further behind also nividia is planning to produce quad-core processors for mobile devices around mid next year and this would be a significant advantage for the smartphone and lastly apple has never released an iPhone within 12 months of the previous release! so with all of these things plus more such as more RAM and better batteries being released in the 2nd quarter of next yeah i would guess Apple will be releasing the new iPhone 4G/5/6 whatever it may be called at around this time next year as that would coincide with the ending of plans aswell :) but thats just my say...

    I will wait for iphone 5 not 4S. It is my choice.

    Gus, can you get on the blower to your insider at Telstra and give them a bit of a kick up the backside? They're dragging their feet way too slowly on getting their pricing out.

    As for all the other off topic posters, please do wait for the iPhone 5 or jump ship to Android - I think there's sufficient critical mass for iOS as a platform without you, and I'd rather less people to contend with when trying to get my hands on one.

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