Optus Go Places Mobile App Offers Restaurant Discounts

Fancy 20 per cent off at a nearby restaurant? Optus' new Go Places app includes discount vouchers for "thousands" of restaurants — but the vouchers themselves aren't free.

The deal works like this: you pay $39.99 for a year's access to discount vouchers, which can be used as often as you like at participating restaurants by flashing your mobile at the waitstaff before requesting the bill. If you're a more casual diner, you can buy a single voucher for $2.99, which must be used within 24 hours. For a 20 per cent saving, you'd only have to spend more than $15 to be ahead on a single voucher, which isn't much in restaurant terms.

You can download a free version of the app to see if it covers enough restaurants to be worth your while. While Optus customers won't incur data charges using the app, you can download it on any applicable handset, regardless of which network you use.

Unusually in this day and age, while Android, BlackBerry and Symbian users are catered for immediately, the iOS version isn't complete, though Optus has said it is in development.



    I noticed on the screen shots on the optus site that its related to the Entertainment group www.entertainmentbook.com.au which I have had for a number of years

    Despite what you say in the article, it is an Optus only app

    No surprise... another carrier not supporting WP7...

      Hey Brent - WP7 is a great platform and for sure Go Places will be out on it as soon as it establishes itself in Australia early 2012.

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