Dealhacker: 15 Per Cent Off Vouchers From Coles Express ATMs

If you use the ATM machine in a Coles Express fuel outlet, you can score yourself a 15 per cent off voucher for an iTunes card or a prepaid mobile recharge. That's a potentially handy saving, but you need to plan carefully to make the most of the discount.

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You can access the discount voucher after making a transaction on an in-store ATM (the store locator lets you check if your nearest outlet has an ATM). You need to use it in the Coles Express outlet.

15 per cent off is a good saving on prepaid vouchers; the discount works on Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin recharges. It's a less impressive discount for iTunes cards — we routinely see 20 per cent off for these, and the common $30 for two $20 cards deal offers 25 per cent off.

As commenters on an OzBargain thread discussing the discount point out, using the ATM in a Coles Express branch will incur a fee. You'll pay $1 for a balance enquiry, and $2.50 for a withdrawal. Unless your bank offers to refund ATM expenses (this happens occasionally with some online banks, such as ING Direct), you'll need to factor that cost into your potential savings.

Given the fee, buying a high-value prepaid recharge or iTunes denomination will work out better than a smaller amount. For instance, a $20 iTunes card will effectively cost you $18 if you make a balance enquiry to score the voucher, which equates to a 10 per cent saving. If you purchase a $100 iTunes card, it will cost you $86 — a 14 per cent discount.

[via OzBargain]


    Hate to point it out.. But saying machine after ATM is redundant..
    Same as PIN number, LCD display etc.

    Why would you even consider iTunes when one of the options is for $10 off a 6-pack of Coronas. That's more than 50% off!

    How about 15% off the price of fuel?

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