Mrs Kevin Rudd Just Wiped His BlackBerry, Here's How To Avoid That

While foreign affairs minister Kevin Rudd was in hospital recovering from heart surgery, his wife Therese Rein entered the password on his BlackBerry incorrectly too many times and the device wiped itself. That high level of security is one of the reasons why BlackBerry remains a popular choice for government and enterprise users, but if you're worried that clumsy fingers will lead you to accidentally lose everything, here's what to do.

Go to the Options section on your BlackBerry (the spanner icon) go to Security and then choose Password. If a password is enabled, you can choose the number of password attempts you can make before the device wipes. You can't choose not to have that option, but you can set the number between 3 and 10. The higher option gives you more chance of getting the password right, but still means a thief is unlikely to guess it (unless you've chosen a super-obvious option.)

We certainly don't recommend not having a password on your smartphone, no matter what flavour, since it's likely to contain lots of potentially valuable personal information. You also should be regularly backing up your phone to a secondary source (and on a BlackBerry you can automate that process with BlackBerry Protect so it happens over the air). Check out our guide on how to secure your smartphone to make sure your own phone security is up to scratch.


    Its also worth noting that these security settings can be enforced by your companies exchange and/or blackberry server.

      You can also run besx (the free version of the blackberry server) yourself for up to 75 blackberries. You get an extra level of control (security policies/application pushing/etc), but the initial setup can be pretty fiddly. Blackberry protect is definitely the way to go for personal phones and has some features I wish they'd add to the BES.

      As a bonus, Mrs Rudd has good security advice for the public: "If there's a next time, I'll write the password down."

        Yeah I know, next time i'll write down the foreign ministers password.

    #correction: I'm pretty sure Kevin Rudd is a Mr. not a Mrs. as the title of the article would have you believe.

      Pretty sure the title is correct.

        It's worded weirdly. It makes much more sense for it to be "Mr. Rudd's wife wipes his Blackberry" but yes, after reading the article again it is technically correct.

    I bet he had a heart attack when he found out. Har har har.

    I have this same setting enabled on my iPhone. I have no problems with the device being wiped in event of someone trying too many times to guess. Would be annoying for sure, but I simply plug the phone back into computer and everything will restored from the encrypted backup. Same goes for if the phone is stolen and the thief wipes it clean. I get a new iPhone, plug it into computer , restore the backup and it's business as usual. Presume Crackberry has the same thing going on.

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