Australians To Buy 1.2 Million Tablets This Year

We know tablets are popular, but just how popular? According to local research firm Telsyte, 1.2 million tablet devices will sell in Australia this year, of which roughly 840,000 will be from Apple.

Apple's dominance isn't surprising, given its appeal to consumers and the fact that it has been in the market longer than the alternatives (of which Android is the most notable, followed by BlackBerry's PlayBook and the yet-to-officially-hit-Australia WebOS).

One notable stat is that sales in the first five months of 2011 outstripped the whole of 2010. While that suggests a growing acceptance of tablets, it might also reflect a glut of buying bargain-priced iPads once the iPad 2 was announced.

The quote that amused me most in the press release from Telsyte announcing those numbers was this:

Telsyte has identified the need for Android manufacturers to reduce prices to more effectively compete against Apple.

I'd argue that has already happened.


    It's amazing that tablet PCs have been around (in some form or another) for years. It seems all it took was Apple to add an 'instant-on' feature (not to mention an app store) and that's all it took.

    It's a simplification, but to me that's the primary difference between today's tablets and earlier models.

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