Australian Tablet Owners Favour Apple Over Android

Australian Tablet Owners Favour Apple Over Android
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We recently reported figures showing that on a global basis, Android tablets outsold Apple. In Australia, though, Apple still remains dominant.

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According to Telsyte, 4.8 million tablets sold in Australia in 2013. Apple accounted for 2.6 million devices, while Android sold 1.9 million. Android sales grew much faster than Apple, though (186 per cent versus 52 per cent). The total user base for tablets in Australia is estimated by Telsyte at 9.4 million.

For developers, whether that makes a difference depends on your audience. If your app is specifically aimed at Australian users, iOS might be a more rewarding choice, at least in the short term. On a global basis, the balance swings to Android. You’ll achieve maximum reach by building for both platforms, but that may well require resources you don’t have.


  • any fool can see that Apple are unfortunately the dominant tablet in Australia. I work in telco and people are isheep. Then again they are also sheep for Samsung as well.

    either way it’s a real shame that people aren’t looking at other manufacturers since they produce excellent stuff(for the most part)

  • So the other .3 million would be Windows tablets then? (I like my Surface Pro 2, I can emulate an entire Android tablet on it)
    And how are they going to show the figures if Android/Windows dual boot tablets come out?

  • I’ve got a Nexus 5 and a iPad Air, these two devices are my preferred devices because they work well for me in what i use them for. Just don’t understand the whole forcing people onto Android because its the better system and if they don’t they just isheep. This whole fanboyism is getting really stupid and old.

  • I’m more curious how the Android sales figures were counted personally.. There’s just so many brands, so many models, even regional models.. It seems impossible they actually got hard data from all retailers.

  • For me, I reckon iPads are simplier to use and the App store has 10x better apps than the Android store. Although Android tabs are cheaper and maybe faster, they (most of them) don’t feels as nice compared to an iPad. I have both an iPad and a Nexus tab, so I’m not just saying bias stuff.

  • I remember when I wanted one of Samsungs 10.1 tablet and Apple had it tied up in the courts for several months. I wondered at our courts which must have be amongst the first in the world to roll over and ban the Samsung tablet.

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