Five Best Android Tablets

Five Best Android Tablets

Android tablets come in all shapes and sizes. They often run different versions of Android, some can be easily attached to keyboards, others are designed to be slates, and some are ebook readers. Regardless of what you need a new Android tablet for, here are five of the best ones for the job, based on your nominations.

Photo by Sham Hardy.

Whichever tablet you favour, it’s worth shopping around: most are available as outright buys (in which case shopping around online can save you significant money) or on plans through carriers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Series

Asus Eee Pad Transformer/Transformer Prime

HP Touchpad

Barnes and Noble Nook Series

Acer Iconia Tab Series

Have something to say about one of the contenders, or a feature of your favourite we forgot to mention? Did your favourite tablet not get enough nominations to get into the top five? Let’s hear it in the comments below.


  • Transformer Prime will also be the best Windows tablet for 2012 :–P

    Interesting that Kindle Fire didn’t make it into the list. Plenty of juice; Amazon basically encouraging people to root it; and a completely unbeatable pricetag.

        • Only as a successor to the Transformer, not as a standalone entry. And with amazon store and cloud feature being the main thing for the Fire, I fail to see it coming here, or being successful due to data costs and Amazons overall hatred of Australia.

  • so, let me run this down:
    1. available
    2. not yet available
    3. doesn’t *actually* run android
    4. not available (in australia)
    5. available

    sorry to troll lifehacker, but this seems like a poorly researched article. 5 best android tablets, and you couldn’t actually *find* 5 android tablets? also, no motorola xoom? what about the toshiba thrive?

    also, i have an iconia tab a500, and it is quite awesome. usb ftw!

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