Apple Slashes Original iPad Prices To Clear Australian Stock

There's a little over three weeks to go before the iPad 2 hits Australia, but if you're not so fussed about the latest and greatest, Apple is selling off its original iPad stock at a serious reduction to the original launch price.

Apple's local online store got updated this morning and the prices across the board for the original iPad have been heavily reduced, as you can see in the table below:

In the US, where the new iPad 2 is selling at a similar price to the original and comes out two weeks earlier, there isn't a similar offer, with pre-orders for the new model now the only option in the online store.

I'm going to hazard a guess that the prices for the new iPad 2, which haven't been confirmed for Australia yet, will come in higher than these numbers. However, we won't know for sure until the Australian pricing announcement, which could be anytime between now and March 25.

Tempted by a cheaper original iPad, or saving your cash for the new model? Tell us in the comments.


    New model for sure! - The problem is trying to get your hands on one, on release day... I'll be lining up.

    Meh, they still cost more than what I consider their worth.

      $449 is the same price as a good netbook. I'd consider that reasonable.

        Except that it offers only a quarter of what a cheap netbook can,...

        Only a netbook has 250gb+ storage space as opposed to 16gb for the same price. Not to mention a hell of a lot more funtionality.

          Netbooks are an unimaginative answer to the portability question. They beat the ipad on some specs, but not the key one - user experience.

            That's a very broad generalisation -- it depends on the experience you're after.

    One'd be a fool not to wait a little while to get the new one. Even with a somewhat higher in price as mentioned in the article, it's still better to get the newer device and get the better features.

    @DigitalCHET: If you can afford the luxury...

    Like with any iDevices I suggest wait the first 2-3 months to see what people report back about the new iPad 2 before jumping on the Apple iPad 2 bandwagon. Inam pretty sure people will find something wrong again and then Apple will be racing to fix issues if any.

    My 32GB 3G iPad 1 is now on eBay.

    If I get enough, I replace it, size for size, otherwise I'll get the Wifi-only model. And if it all goes pear-shaped, I'll get the 16GB Wifi-only model.

    The USA is getting a similar offer. Check here:
    $399 for 16GB wifi

    Anybody going to line up at 24th?

    Can you tell me whether these Ipads are compatible to be used in Greece?

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