Australians Get Cheap-ish OS X Lion, But No iTunes Match For Now

Australians Get Cheap-ish OS X Lion, But No iTunes Match For Now

The good news for Australians from Apple’s overnight announcements? At $31.99, the forthcoming OS X Lion update is only marginally more than in the US (where it is $29.99). The bad news? The iTunes Match service — which lets you sync music you haven’t purchased from iTunes into Apple’s new iCloud storage service — is currently US-only.

The fact that Australians pay more for lots of iContent despite ongoing near parity between the US and Australian dollar has long been a source of complaint, so it’s nice to see the disparity reduced a little. (I had originally assumed it was actually cheaper since some US stories pegged the price at $37 — d’oh!) The update is due in July, and will be a Mac App Store only release.

The fact that iTunes Match won’t be available immediately — confirmed with the brief phrase “(US only)” in the Australian press release — is annoying, but not entirely unexpected. Apple’s content plays rarely get rolled out on a global basis. You can set up your own US iTunes account, of course, but that might cause problems when it comes to cloud syncing Australia-only tracks. We’ll have to wait and see.


    • $37 is what I kept seeing in the US Giz and Lifehacker posts. But I just checked the PR and it is indeed $29.99. Story rebooting now.

    • None at the moment. Apple has a reasonable track record in this regard (it does price matching after hardware price drops, for instance), but nothing specific in the announcement.

      • im not 100% sure that apple even pays GST on it, as the company is an american company selling via an online store, which could be argued that it is not based in Australia meaning no need for gst. The issue is we are above the US dollar, yet we still pay more for all apple stuff that is delivered digitally.

      • I’m not complaining, obviously $1.99 is a drop in the bucket. I’m just interested in Apple’s move toward online trading and would prefer an actual response to the higher price. Does Australia incur a higher tax percentage the the U.S?

  • It’s not just the Match service that’s not available in Australia. It’s also the normal music service that’s not available. All US sites show the store settings screen where you can turn automatic updates on or off for MUSIC, APPS & BOOKS. In Australia you only see the last two.

    That means any music I’ve bought in iTunes can’t be sync’d over the air to my other iDevices.

  • A 4GB download for me with a slow wireless Internet connection (no fixed line Internet where I am just 25k from Perth city) and a 3GB monthly download limit means I can’t download it without it costing much more.

  • Why would anyone want to pay any money for lion which is nothing more than a prettier version of 10.6
    Really disappointed apple, it’s just too much of a rip off.

  • The difference is GST. And yes Apple does pay GST on purchase made through an Australian iTunes account… always has done. The dollar fluctuates quite a bit anyway… lately from 1.04 through 1.07. Do the conversion, add 10% GST and the ‘exact’ price is 31.72 at the low end exchange rate and 31.12 at the high end. Either way you cut it around $30 for an entire OS update is ridiculously cheap. Those complaining of a price difference of less than a buck should get a life.

    The more important issue WILL be for those on low limit caps. Hope not too many do the update without realising they will pay through the nose for extra Mb’s or end up throttled for the rest of the month. If you want to talke rip-off, talk telcos!

  • you can take it into an apple store, most libraries/macas/cafes have free wifi, so you can use their bandwidth instead if its an issue. If it was disc only someone would no doubt gripe about having to drive somewhere.

  • Having been in the US recently, the $US29.99 would not include sales tax which does vary from state to state, but is usually around 8 to 10% or around $2.40 to $3.00. That makes it a similar price.

  • Apple is turning into the same rip-off system like M$. Which is the reason why their crowd has grown lately. They practicing the same anti-competitive business, they try to ram-rod everybody like the big red-and-yellow arch… I just purchased a 27″ iMac, that I have received in a less than perfect quality. I purchased it through a retailer store – The GG – and waited for 3 weeks for a delivery because Apple delivered two states away… After I have received it, unboxed it – celebration – discovered, the screen of the 27″ beast just been slapped on, out of borders, hanging out on one corner, shorter on the other… I have rang Apple Tech Support, explained, then I have got an offer to exchange it – that’s the legendary Customer Support! – after I have signed a pages of non-disclosure document! “…Confidentiality: Each party agrees to keep the terms and existence of this Agreement completely confidential except that each party may discuss this
    Agreement with an attorney who may be assisting in negotiating this Agreement…” For an exchange of a piece that slipped through quality control saddle the Customer with a gag order! Smell more than a fascist government! By the way: the price which is for more than months now, they charging still more than in the USA, while the ships only have to travel half way, and the Aussi$ is better than the US$!!!!. Apple is a rip off, and I bet with anyone, they will break up the business to hardware and OS, just because they anti-competitive practices. Amen.

  • The non-disclosure agreement only works if you signed it. I did not. I deserve my right to yab if I wish to do so even if that involves mac…

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