SwiftKey X Beta Keyboard Improves Word Prediction, Interface

Android: Previously mentioned SwiftKey got a big update today, in the form of a completely new app named SwiftKey X. The app’s goal of faster, more accurate typing through AI-driven autocorrect and text-prediction hasn’t changed, but its methods, interface, installation and speed definitely have.Primarily, SwiftKey X users have the option to allow the keyboard to learn from their interaction on social accounts by sending typing data back to be crunched in the cloud, and returned as text-prediction patterns.

The three accounts available for SwiftKey X to “learn” from are the user’s Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts, but for people who don’t like the idea of shipping off every word they say to a third-party for analysis, the app’s standard processing still works its own magic for text prediction and autocorrect.

Theme support has also been added to the new app, as well as two different “typing modes” that cater to either the fast and inaccurate, or the quick and precise. More interestingly, the keyboard now attempts to adapt to a user’s particular typing style by touch — meaning it actually keeps track of how the user is missing certain keys, and applying more bias to those letters when the finger taps nearby.

Users who have already paid for the full version of the current SwiftKey keyboard will be able to upgrade to SwiftKey X for free, while non-users can find the trial through the link below.

SwiftKey X [Android Market via SwiftKey]


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