SwiftKey, Our Favourite Android Keyboard, Is Now Free To Download

Android: Swiftkey is our favourite Android keyboard, and it has been getting better with consecutive updates. Now, the service is shedding its $4 price tag and becoming free for all users. Instead, there’s now an in-app “store” for more themes and personalisation options.

SwiftKey’s move opens the door to anyone being able to make use of its custom keyboard layouts, Evernote syncing options, cloud storage and cross-device sync for custom dictionaries, “flow/” gesture typing, and of course, its famous predictive text engine. All of the features that made SwiftKey a great keyboard are available in the free version.

Today’s update also includes some new features, including a new default theme, emoji prediction, access to an optional number row at the top of the keyboard without having to switch layouts, and some improvements to the prediction engine. As before, SwiftKey uses everything you type to learn more about the words you use, so it can offer better suggestions for the next word you plan to type. If you want, you can connect it with your email or social accounts so it can learn even more about your typing habits and word choices.

Users who previously paid for the app haven’t been forgotten: Paid users will get a free “premier pack” of 10 themes and customisation options that’s available in the store for $5. You can grab the latest version of the app at the link below.

SwiftKey Keyboard (Free) [Google Play via SwiftKey]


  • I’ve been using Fleksy for a while (moved away from paid Swype) and haven’t looked back. It is a really nice keyboard with a good predictive engine and you can just about type blind (check out their invisible keyboard option!)

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