SwiftKey Updates With New Interface, Smarter Error Correction And More

SwiftKey Updates With New Interface, Smarter Error Correction And More

Android: Not to be outdone by yesterday’s Swype update, SwiftKey announced the launch of SwiftKey 3 today, complete with a host of new features, including improved error correction and “smart space”, where the app automatically adds or removes spaces across strings of text, new UI themes and improved word prediction.

SwiftKey’s developers tout that the update gives SwiftKey the most advanced error correction and text prediction available on an Android keyboard, and while SwiftKey is one of our favourite Android keyboards for just that reason, we’ll let you decide. The new UI themes come in “cobalt”, which updates the traditional SwiftKey design, and “holo”, which helps the keyboard blend in with Ice Cream Sandwich. The keyboard also has a slightly tweaked layout with a larger space bar and dedicated comma key, both of which make it easier to type quickly and access frequently used punctuation.

SwiftKey 3 has been in beta for a couple of months, and the new version replaces Switkey X for phones and tablets. To celebrate, the app is on sale for half price at Google Play (today only) for $1.99. Current SwiftKey owners will get the update for free. What do you think of the update? Let us know in the comments below.



  • I’ve been using Swiftkey with a couple of phones I’ve had and no way would I ever go back to the standard keyboard. The predictions that this can do never cease to amaze me.

  • I like both Swype & Swiftkey just wish there was an official (aka easier :P) way to create themes/skin. Been using Swiftkey on my A500 for a couple of months and Swiftkey 3 for a couple of hours.

  • The bigger spacebar, and correcting missed-the-spacebar typos has improved this keyboard hugely – i always hit ‘b’ instead of space on my small phone, and now i’m typing nearly flawlessly. I’ve found I need to clear our my learned predictions from time to time, due accidentally saving typos [big thumbs sigh] but keeping that in mind, it’s a brilliant keyboard.

  • Only thing I wish this had was customisable gestures, I’m a big fan of the ‘=D’ and ‘>_<' smilies, both of which take far too long on this.

    Still use it as my default keyboard though because it is far better than the others I've used.

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