Vodafone And 3 Announce Australian iPhone 4 Pricing

Vodafone And 3 Announce Australian iPhone 4 Pricing

In previous years, Australian iPhone pricing announcements have been spread over a week or more. This time around, Telstra, Optus and now Vodafone and 3 have all managed to announce their plans on the same day, with the last two fast-tracking their plan announcement from a planned Wednesday release. So what’s on offer?

Here are the Vodafone plans:

Here are the 3 plans:


Based on this data, Optus remains the company to beat in terms of general data offerings, though obviously other factors come into play to. Nick at Gizmodo is on the case regarding just how the “bonus data” alluded to here works, so there’ll be more on that forthcoming. In the meantime, if you want to buy a standalone phone from Apple, there’s plenty of BYO options assuming you’re handy with a SIM cutter or nail clippers.




  • I’ve been to 3 and Vodafone stores in Brisbane and they’ve told me if I’m a current customer, I can bring my sim in and the will swap it into a microsim for free.

    • Yes, but if you actually read about the “problem” it’s easily avoidable just by holding the phone in a different position, that’s assuming you’re one of the few people who hold the phone in the certain antenna problem causing way.
      It’s a storm in a Teacup, if it had been any other device we’d likely not have heard about it in mainstream media.
      (PS. I don’t own a Mac, iPod, iPhone nor any other Apple product, ie I’m not an Apple fanboy, just a realist)

      • so the thing thats not a problem apple sad is, and offer free cases that they would have charged $30 for. It is a problem but it can be managed if you use a case and watch the way you hold it.

      • alright, if you have the phone in a case, the antenna problem is non existent, if you don’t have the phone in a case, then you have bigger problems then a possible reception issue if you drop the phone.

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