Apple Sets Australian Price For iPhone 4

We know the iPhone 4 goes on sale this Friday, and now we know how much it costs. If you buy the 16GB model direct from Apple, it will cost $859, according to a press release sent from Apple late on Monday night.

The 32GB model will say directly for $999, an an 8GB version of the iPhone 3GS will also go on sale for $719. The phone will be sold outright through Apple's stores, resellers and on its site, though as of Tuesday morning that pricing data had not been placed online.

As is usual, we still don't have any pricing for iPhone 4 plans from Australian carriers. Optus has announced plans to open for business at midnight to sell the phone, and 3 and Vodafone have said pricing data will be revealed this Wednesday.

Like the sound of Telstra's plans? Rather have more data and fewer calls? Waiting for the other prices to get announced? Share your thoughts in the comments.


    Do you have a link to the press release? The one that came out last night saying that it was released in 17 countries on Friday didn't seem to list any Australian pricing.

      Apple doesn't routinely put its Australian press releases online.

    I didn't have a preference for Telstra, but given Optus isn't opening at the Sunshine Coast, I might go them.

    Does anyone know if I buy the iphone 4 outright from Apple will it work on Telstra's next G network or will I have to buy from Testra with a plan?

      Yes, you can buy it outright from Apple on Friday morning from 8am, and you can buy a prepaid microSIM from Telstra.

    Damn they never give australia good iPhone prices

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