Make Your Own iPad Micro-SIM With Nail Clippers

One of the main talking points about Apple's we'll-get-it-here-eventually iPad has been its use of the micro-SIM format. While Australian telcos have said they will support the format, it turns out you can get similar results with nothing more than a pair of nail clippers.

Australian software developer Secretlab has posted a picture on its blog showing how a Next G sim was cut down using only a pair of nail clippers to fit the iPad's 3G slot. Space-saving considerations aside, it has been widely assumed that the use of the micro-SIM format is designed to force people to purchase a separate account for 3G access on the iPad. This kind of hack makes it much easier to adapt an existing cheap SIM (and its associated plan) if you're so inclined.

Telstra SIM in iPad 3G [Secretlab via Gizmodo via Mactalk]


    awesome, very clever

    Im waiting for Steve Jobs to email someone:

    Just spend more money, it's not that hard.

    Seriously, thats all these small changes to the way things are usually done mean to consumers, Spending more money.

    Does this mean that a sim from a dodo stick could be used? Wouldn't that make those of us who shun 24 month contracts happy :)

    Those are very different looking. I can't imagine the contacts lining up properly... How are these the same?

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