Every Vodafone Plan For iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max

Every Vodafone Plan For iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max
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The iPhone XS and XS Max hit stores on September 21 – but you can pre-order the phones right now through Vodafone if you’re that way inclined. Here are all the Vodafone plans for both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max!

Vodafone’s cheapest iPhone XS plan works out to $80.25 per month over 36 months. That one’s for the 64GB model and only comes with 2GB of data. The same plan for the 64GB XS Max will set you back an additional $4.72 per month. Our pick is the 24-month 64GB iPhone XS deal for $127.87 per month. That one comes with 60GB data.

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Here’s the full range of plans.

Vodafone iPhone XS 64GB

Vodafone iPhone XS 256GB

Vodafone iPhone XS 512GB

Vodafone iPhone XS Max 64GB

Vodafone iPhone XS Max 256GB

Vodafone iPhone XS Max 512GB

Click here to see Vodafone’s full range of plans.

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