Optus iPhone 4 Plans No Longer Punish Tethering

Optus iPhone 4 Plans No Longer Punish Tethering

Optus has followed Telstra in announcing its iPhone 4 plans, with a good selection of options on offer and no sign whatsoever of the “tethering charge” which it controversially promoted for the iPhone 3GS.

Like Telstra, Optus is concentrating most of its marketing effort on its cap plans. The information sent out to media and to pre-registered customers (reproduced below) emphasises those plans with 1GB of data or more, but Optus is also offering cheaper plans with lower data inclusions and higher-cap Timeless Extreme offers.


As Nick over at Gizmodo points out, the big contrast between Optus’ plans and those from Telstra is the more generous data allowances. That said, Telstra’s broader network coverage will be an attraction for many people, and we don’t yet have prices from Vodafone or 3.



  • Any info on the phone payments for $19 and $29 plans?
    It’s a good time to be in the market for a new phone, these iPhone prices surely will put a downwards pressure on Android prices/plans.

  • This article doesn’t do optus’ range of plans justice. Maybe you haven’t seen the complete list of optus’ offerings yet but it is VERY GOOD. iPhone as modem access is indeed free on the plans and that is mentioned multiple times. Also left out is the fact that the $59 and $79 Extreme Caps also include unlimited SMS/MMS to ANY network and unlimited optus 2 optus calls. With the iPhone 4 16gb free on the $59 Extreme Cap with optus… in my eyes it is the offer to beat at the moment… even factoring in telstra’s better network their plans don’t compete with optus’…

    • There’s going to be a detailed comparison of the plans here when they’ve all been announced. Not digging so much into details until then 🙂

  • CAUTTION: iPhone customers in the US and UK have reported that their data usage has skyrocketed since upgrading from the 3G to the iPhone 4. This is most likely due to the high resolution screen on the new iPhone 4 consuming more data to display maps, pages etc.

  • a comparative between Telstra and Optus at the moment sees Optus smacking Telstra out of the ballpark, i mean 800mb more data for the same price, aswell as no upfront cost for the Iphone.

  • Hmmm….

    I had fully planned on waiting out my contract with my current iphone, seeing as it’s not much more than 15 months old, however seeing that 59 cap with 2 gig of data and no phone repayment on the 16 gig model, I’m not so sure.

  • the 59 cap with the 32Gb looks the best value for me. It’s only $10 a month for a 12 month contract and $550 worth of value is plenty for me

  • Just a note to all people considering signing on with Optus for the iPhone 4. If you say you want to go on the $49 cap (+$8 phone fee = $57/month) the sales staff will try and push you to go with the $59 cap as it is only $2 more with additional call and data allowances. Now the difference is $48 over 24 months however is they do this for every customer, imagine how much extra money they are racking in. If the $49 cap is sufficient for your usage needs don’t be pushed into paying “that little bit more” for allowances you may not even use.

  • You can use DataMan app to monitor your data use in real time. You can also define 4 custom usage thresholds. You will be notified when you exceed the thresholds. This will help to stop additional charges on your bill. You can find DataMan in the App Store.

  • Forget about optus for tethering and iPhone 4. The connections (if you can get it work at all) are very unreliable and frustrating. Drop outs happen evry few minutes. In Melbourne the poor service also seems to be independent of location.

  • Are they charging extra for tethering again?

    According to the Optus Digital Mobile Service Standard Pricing Table, Section 2 (Current Offer Pricing Plans for Consumer Customers) in Subsection 28 & 31 for Optus Cap Plans and Optus Caps respectively, mobile as a modem is no longer included. Does this mean that tethering will incur extra fees?

    Optus do include Mobile as a Modem in some plans (e.g. the BYO plan in Subsection 35), but this plan isn’t advertised on their website.

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