• When Decorating, Stick to the ‘Rule of Three’

    When Decorating, Stick to the ‘Rule of Three’

    After you finish spring cleaning, you might wonder what to tackle next. Now that you’ve cleaned up, reorganized, and decluttered, you might find that it’s time for a little redecorating — but where should you begin? You can start by clearing away all of the decorations currently living in your space and taking inventory of…

  • Vodafone Customers Can Get 2GB Free On Dropbox

    We’re a big fan of any technique that gets us more Dropbox space, so here’s one of note for Vodafone (and 3) customers: you can score an extra 2GB of space by texting the word “Dropbox” to 126222 (Vodafone) or 126333 (3) to receive an upgrade code.