Australian Pricing For Apple iPhone 4S And New iPod Models

Apple’s newly-announced iPhone 4S goes on sale October 14 in Australia (with pre-orders from October 8), along with new iPod Nano and Touch models. Here’s what you’ll pay (and how much more you’ll pay than American buyers).The 16GB iPhone 4S costs $799 outright; the 32GB model is $899, and the 64GB is $999. The 8GB iPhone 4 remains on sale from Apple for $679, as does an 8GB 3GS for $449.

The 8GB iPod Nano is $149, and the 16GB model costs $169. The 8GB Touch costs $219, rising to $329 for 32GB and $439 for 64GB.

How bad a case of the Apple tax is that? For the iPods, the US prices are 8GB Nano $US129 ($137); 16GB Nano $US149 ($158); 8GB Touch $US199 ($211). Factor in sales tax for the US (which isn’t included, while local prices do include GST) and we’re not doing badly at all.

It’s a different story for the iPhone 4S. For the iPhone 4S, Americans are paying $US199 for the 16GB model ($211); $US299 for 32GB ($317); and $US399 for 64GB ($422). Remember that those prices are carrier-subsidised and the phones will be network-locked and require purchase of a contract, so it’s not an (ahem) apples-for-apples comparison. Even so, Apple’s starter pricing of $799 for the 16GB model outright is a lot higher, and the pattern continues with the other models.

Plan details for the new iPhone 4S haven’t yet hit from local carriers, but we’ll announce them as we hear them. (Given that Siri aside, the 4S is more about internal hardware changes than new features, I’ll be a little surprised if the current round of plans changes dramatically. That said, the auto-syncing of photos will chew up a lot more data. And this is Apple, so strange things happen sometimes.)

Note: While Apple’s own site originally suggested iPhone 4S pre-orders would open on October 7 in Australia, I’ve double-checked with Apple and the date is October 8 for Australians.

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