Australian Pricing For Apple iPhone 4S And New iPod Models

Australian Pricing For Apple iPhone 4S And New iPod Models

Apple’s newly-announced iPhone 4S goes on sale October 14 in Australia (with pre-orders from October 8), along with new iPod Nano and Touch models. Here’s what you’ll pay (and how much more you’ll pay than American buyers).The 16GB iPhone 4S costs $799 outright; the 32GB model is $899, and the 64GB is $999. The 8GB iPhone 4 remains on sale from Apple for $679, as does an 8GB 3GS for $449.

The 8GB iPod Nano is $149, and the 16GB model costs $169. The 8GB Touch costs $219, rising to $329 for 32GB and $439 for 64GB.

How bad a case of the Apple tax is that? For the iPods, the US prices are 8GB Nano $US129 ($137); 16GB Nano $US149 ($158); 8GB Touch $US199 ($211). Factor in sales tax for the US (which isn’t included, while local prices do include GST) and we’re not doing badly at all.

It’s a different story for the iPhone 4S. For the iPhone 4S, Americans are paying $US199 for the 16GB model ($211); $US299 for 32GB ($317); and $US399 for 64GB ($422). Remember that those prices are carrier-subsidised and the phones will be network-locked and require purchase of a contract, so it’s not an (ahem) apples-for-apples comparison. Even so, Apple’s starter pricing of $799 for the 16GB model outright is a lot higher, and the pattern continues with the other models.

Plan details for the new iPhone 4S haven’t yet hit from local carriers, but we’ll announce them as we hear them. (Given that Siri aside, the 4S is more about internal hardware changes than new features, I’ll be a little surprised if the current round of plans changes dramatically. That said, the auto-syncing of photos will chew up a lot more data. And this is Apple, so strange things happen sometimes.)

Note: While Apple’s own site originally suggested iPhone 4S pre-orders would open on October 7 in Australia, I’ve double-checked with Apple and the date is October 8 for Australians.


  • Wait…so not only does America only get a minimal price drop on ONE model of the iPod touch, which is the EXACT same model as last year, WE get a price INCREASE?!

    F**K. OFF.

    • US prices don’t include sales tax, whereas our GST is included in the price so in the case of the 8gb nano, we are paying $149 AUD, where the US with a 10% tax would be $141.90 US.

      Also iPhone prices in the US are subsidised on a 2 year contract, whereas our pricing is unlocked and outright with no plan.

        • You really should rewrite the comparative pricing section, as it’s misleading and basically incorrect.

          1. The unlocked iphone 4 8GB is $549 USD. Using that as a template, you can assume the unlocked 64GB iphone 4S will cost $849 USD in the US. That’s without sales tax, whereas our $999 includes GST.

          2. If you want an iphone 64GB in the USA, you have to pay $399 UP FRONT, and then you pay $80 a month or more. Telstra has not yet announced their pricing, but I would guess that the 32GB will be free on an ~$80 plan, and the 64GB will be free on a $129 plan. I could be wrong, but it’ll be in that ballpark given current plan based pricing.

          By my point number two, you should be talking about how the americans are getting ripped off, because we can get the 32GB for free! (oh, with 2 year contract at a really high plan, but who cares about accuracy?)

          Please don’t spread this sort of stuff when even you admit it’s incorrect.

  • I think it’s not worth comparing the contracted iPhone 4S prices in the US with our outright prices here-historically carriers like virgin and optus have sold the iPhone on a 2 year contract for a fraction of the US carrier subsidised price…

  • 64GB iPhone 4S in the US for $US499 and then here for $AU999. No matter what the suits say, that is not going to fly with those online Aussies who are already in the mindset that we have strong buying power and it will be a smack in the face to see double the price.

      • Yes, agreed as the article explains this. However as you missed the ‘suits’ reference, my point is as most online savvy people check prices of items here and abroad, they will miss the fine print (if any) that these prices are subject to different factors such as carrier subsidy etc. They will just see double the price and think, well again Apple have continued to sell their hardware at a significant increase to what the Australian dollar is worth and get ticked off.

    • You can’t compare those prices. Remember that in US you always have to add the tax. So US$499 becomes like $548, and then you are on a 2-year contract that you need to pay on top of that. Looking at the AT&T page a 4GB data contract is US$45/month + tax = $49.5 per month, for 2 years = US$1,188. To that you add the Phone ($548), you end up paying, after 2 years US$1,736. Now, divide that whole amount by 24. Which is around US$72 per month.

      That is equivalent to AU$75 per month (at today’s dollar prices). Do you think you won’t be able to get your iPhone 4S with a 2 year plan for less than that $75 a month, with any of the Australian carriers? I am sure we will.

  • I don’t see why everyone is so disappointed it’s exactly the same as what the iPhone 5 would be but with the older/same style housing. Completely agree Nick, everyone is forgetting our prices are outright and theirs are subsidized.. and poorly subsidized at that compared to ours.

    • Even if they had called it the IP5 people would still be disappointed because the specs fall short of high end phones from Android and WP.

      Hardware – still fat and heavy and no LED screen. Good they finally fixed the antenna though!

      Software – IOS looks really crusty compared to Android. Most other features are really ‘smartphonelite’

      This really is a flop.

      • The screen is already LED backlit… oh you mean OLED… of the things to complain about, the iPhone screen isn’t one of them, it’s already a much higher resolution than any other photo available.

        Software – yep, iOS could have a couple of features to modernise it a bit more (they’ve started though with iOS5), but I personally like the simplicity.

        Flop, not really, hardware wise what did people expect? Larger screen = larger device = people complaining that it doesn’t fit in their pockets and hands as nicely. Form factor is largely a personal choice. Specs, iOS works a lot smoother on same spec than Android, so I’d say it’s roughly equivalent now.

        I really don’t understand the crying over this at all. I can’t work out what more I’d want in a phone (and that applies to the current Android phones too).

  • It’s a bit stupid to compare US telco contract prices to Australian upfront prices.

    Contract prices are a complete mirage anyway, because in Australia you’ll no doubt be able to get the iPhone for “$0” (OMG FREE FREE!!!) if you sign on to a high enough plan with a telco for two years.

    The only valid comparison is US upfront prices to Australian upfront prices.

  • disappointing news, where is the iphone 5? we need a iphone with a larger screen. so many people are waiting and wanted to upgrade. i believe and info feed back from the retail phone industry, that this now leaves people ready to consider Samsung and HTC models.

  • More Forum whiners! Apple never said a word about there being an iPhone 5, thank the typical media BS for that.

    If you don’t like the iPhone, fine. Go design a better phone or buy something else.

  • Honestly why would you want to spend $900 on a small upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 s it just does not stack up very disappointing .I can see why they wanted samsungs new offering banned

  • Some sources it suggests a 00:01 EDT(AUS) 7th of October release, some suggest the release will be 00:01 Pacific Daylight Time (US) worldwide and some suggest a 00:01 EDT(AUS) on the 8th of October….I suppose I’ll just be the sucker that stays up and becomes disappointed.

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