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iPhone developer Steven Troughton-Smith managed to port Siri to iPhone 4 as shown in the above video, but Apple is not currently authenticating Siri commands from iPhone 4. This means that you can certainly install Siri on your iPhone 4 but the digital personal assistant will not respond to your inquiries.


Six months on from its initial release, Apple's iPhone 4 remains one of the most popular choices for smartphone users anywhere, and the wealth of local contract deals can make for confusing comparison shopping. This week Planhacker rounds up every iPhone 4 contract plan for Australia in one handy listing.


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One thing is for sure: putting your iPhone 4 inside a Canon SLR isn't as useful as adding a SLR lens to your iPhone. But with this custom-made getup, you won't think about dropping your iPhone every time you hold it up.


This likely has been in place for a while, but reader Robert points out that Apple's free bumper program for users fearing iPhone 4 reception problems is now officially on the Apple Australia web site. Customers who have purchased an iPhone 4 can apply for a free bumper via a downloaded application, which they need to do by September 30.


After months of speculation, the iPhone 4 went on sale this morning, with Optus, Telstra and Vodafone/3 stores around the country holding midnight openings to mark the event. Nick over at Gizmodo has accounts from the Sydney launches, and Gizmodo readers are sharing their own pictures. If you haven't picked up a phone but are planning to do so today, check out our Planhacker guide to pick the best deals. Get in early -- there's suggestions that stocks for launch are pretty limited, and Apple still isn't listing the iPhone 4 on its online store for ordering.


NOTE: This Planhacker guide has been superseded. Click here for the most recent version.

All the carrier plans for iPhone 4 are out ahead of Friday's Australian launch, but which plans offer the most data, the best SMS rates or the most attractive extras? Find out with our comprehensive Planhacker guide, listing every iPhone 4 contract plan in one handy table.


In previous years, Australian iPhone pricing announcements have been spread over a week or more. This time around, Telstra, Optus and now Vodafone and 3 have all managed to announce their plans on the same day, with the last two fast-tracking their plan announcement from a planned Wednesday release. So what's on offer?


Nick over at Gizmodo reports on how Optus (and Optus network reseller Virgin) are offering "2-In-1" micro-SIMs for iPhone 4 buyers ahead of the July 30 Australian release. Customers who -signed up for iPhone 4 updates from either carrier can get sent a standard-sized SIM now, which will then be popped out converted to micro-SIM format when they purchase a new iPhone. It sounds like a nifty way to switch phones with minimal fuss, but from a consumer point of view, it's a pretty risky thing to do.


Apple has never offered a more specific release date for the iPhone 4 in Australia than late July, and its plans for a US press conference on Friday that's rumoured to be announcing a strategy to deal with the well-documented antenna and reception issues suggest that a further delay is all too likely. But even without that development, past history suggests we're still some weeks away at best from a local release.