Australian iPhone 4 Release Set For July 30

Australian iPhone 4 Release Set For July 30

During its press conference to announce it would give free cases to iPhone 4 owners to help deal with the phone’s reception issues, Apple also talked about release plans for the phone internationally. Australia was included on a slide with July 30 as the release date.

Apple Australia hasn’t yet issued a press release confirming that information, so we still don’t have any price details. Earlier this week, I wrote that it was unlikely the phone will appear in July, but Apple now looks to be (just) making that deadline. What past history does suggest is that we won’t see any information on price plans for the new phone until around July 24.


  • I read on another forum type thing that the australian price was expected to be around $1,100-$1,300 to buy it outright, and that the plans would be around the same as for the iPhone 3Gs, but i guess we have to wait and see for another couple of weeks……

    • There’s been lots of speculation — but then again, people have been swearing blind that July 23 was going to be the release date, so I think “grain of salt” is a sensible approach until there’s an official announcement.

  • im pretty sure, depending where you go, if you get your iphone 4 on the right cap, its free, you can get 3gs on those sort of deals so i think it would be safe to assume that they’d do the same for the iphone 4.

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