Optus iPhone 4 Midnight Openings Still Lack Crucial Price Details

If you've already decided to purchase an iPhone 4 through Optus (even though there's still no price details), it will be hosting midnight openings this Thursday night/Friday morning in its CBD stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. As ever, we'd advise against making firm plans to freeze in a queue until there's more information available. [via Gizmodo]


    Really really want to know how Optus are going to open at midnight in Perth and not get slapped with a $10,000+ fine.

    Maybe Apple will pay for it...

    I'm not that keen. Anyone here going to line up? I think I'm going to be happy with ordering it online and getting it delivered. As long as I have it by the weekend, I'll be happy, I think

    im so glad they chose to release that they are having a midnight launch and have still neglected to tell their future customers the prices.

      Tezz, the reason they neglect to tell people, is because nobody is going to know until launch time.

      None of the sales staff know, and the few who possibly do, are under NDA commitments to keep it hush hush as to avoid competition doing shady things with offers and prices.


        I hope you're being facetious... "avoid competition doing shady things with offers and prices"... such as... being competition?

        such non-disclosures are anti-competitive and designed to keep prices for products as high as they can get away with. not illegal, but not very ethical.

        @Jon the thing is, if Optus tell everyone their prices, and are only just skimming by on a small profit, and Vodafone or Telstra drop their prices to the point where it is a loss for them, it isn't exactly fair, same as if Optus did the same to Telstra or Voda.

        I haven't seen any prices from any telco, so putting crap on Optus for not being public about prices yet is a bit slack.

        I personally wish I knew how much I am in for when I get my upgrade, but frankly, I don't care, it will probably be very similar to the prices when the 3GS was released.

    Is there any chance of more regional cities having iphones on launch day? I'm at Sunny coast qld and would love if my local optus are carrying them.

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