Finding A Good Value DSL Plan

Finding A Good Value DSL Plan
NakedDSLStuffNaked DSL has lots of attractions: no line rental fees and cheaper calls via VOIP. But sorting through the range of plans on offer can be a time-consuming process.

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We’ve outlined issues to consider if you’re thinking about naked DSL and the main Australian providers before, but in the highly competitive ISP market, it’s always good to have an update.

At SearchNetworking Australia, Richard Chirgwin has down an exhaustively thorough analysis of the price options, factoring in length of contract and download limits to calculate minimum and maximum costs per gigabyte per month. It’s worth reading the whole analysis, but one key point to note is that the “best value” depends very much on what you want from the service — there really isn’t a single plan that can be recommended to everyone.

Got your own naked DSL recommendations? Share them in the comments.

How to find the best Naked DSL plan [SearchNetworking]


  • Not so much on value, but just a reminder to those considering Naked DSL – if you lose the internet or power (electricity) then your land line is down. Pretty much everyone have mobiles these days but just something to consider heading into a very hot Summer (Victorians will remember the selective power cutoffs to cope with demand last year).

  • When considering ISP’s though its worth looking beyond the raw download allowance and speed. I recently changed from Bigpond – who I had chosen because they were the only ADSL2 provider in my area. I switched to iinet and back to ADSL1 – but only dropped from 10m/sec in to 8.3m/sec in. Frankly its not noticeable. Outbound dropped from 1mb to about 350K – but I can live with that.
    With Bigpond I was on a 60Gb plan at $150 a month and using most of that each month – and that is not Torrents. iinets Freezone seems to cover most of our modern media needs – free data iTunes downloads covers the AppleTV stuff, free data ABC iView, free data XBox Live – soon free data on Tivo/Blockbuster rentals. Add to that the fact that uploads aren’t counted (we put all our pics on Phanfare and vids on Motionbox) – and it turns into a fantastic deal. Taking all the Freezone goodness into account our counted usage has dropped by almost 75%!

  • Wow….that is one complex analysis! I have my head in Naked DSL every day and it made me dizzy reading that.

    I think the 3 key steps to finding the best Naked DSL plan are price, data and VoIP. Once you know what you want in those areas you can go searching for the providers in your area to see what you can get.

    Richard makes a good point about the Freezone stuff – iinet and Internode have a lot of extra value there.

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