Naked DSL Providers In Australia

NakedFeet.jpg On our recent story about the death of the landline phone, commenter Jason asked about the procedure for setting up naked DSL. The exact steps needed for setting up will depend on which provider you choose (you can't just choose to set up naked DSL in a vacuum). However, a useful starting point for that is to know who currently offers a naked service. These are the providers I'm aware of (in alphabetical order):

If there's a provider I've missed, point it out in the comments (I've updated once to reflect the first wave of suggestions). Researching naked providers is also essential; for instance, Dodo has an reputation for poor customer service, punching far above its weight in Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman complaints each year. Many providers also require you to sign up for a VoIP option, which isn't a truly naked choice (though it probably will save you money).


    You forgot TPG!

    I'm pretty sure that TPG offer a NakedDSL service now.

    Perhaps a post on best Naked/VoIP hardware would be helpful too. Most ISPs recommend and provide a modem but charge more 30% more than the modem is worth and I find it's cheaper to buy your own. I am using a Zyxel Prestige 2602 and it works a treat.

    netspace also offer naked dsl...


    About to look into naked dsl as I'm moving. TPG happened to be where I started simply because i'm with them on a non-naked dsl account at the moment

    Amnet - WA (

    Which ones count uploads though, and which ones don't? That was my deciding factor in iiNet vs Internode for instance.

    I believe TPG also has a naked DSL plan.

    Netspace also do Naked DSL

    I'm with Adam Naked at the moment, takes awhile to get settled (but I came from a Prepaid Home Phone so that's real hassly). But I do save a fair bit, and phone calls are real cheap!!

    TPG offers Naked DSL although they only have the one plan by the looks of it -


    I have read that TPG and Netspace do Naked DSL.

    Just dropping some love for iinet.
    They have unmetered access to xbox live as well as a few other sites, i particularly like how they don't meter abc's iview which i use almost daily.
    Not too expensive, good customer service, and i haven't had any real probs with the service (in the year i've been with them i've had maybe 1 drop out which lasted about 1hr, but that may have been my router).

    You must have a copper POTS line to your house already. If you don't or you have Optusnet cable then you first have to switch to Telstra so that POTS is connected. With various Telstra fuckups this may take several months. Only when that is done can you switch to your ISP's naked service.

    AlwaysONLINE ( also provides ADSL2+ Naked in many areas around Australia.


    Does having NakedDSL affect the use of dialling '000'? I heard it's much the same as using a mobile phone for 000? Ie, there's no guarantee of it's availability and no call tracing by dispatchers?

    Highway1's Naked plans are available directly at

    @Jason it affects the use of 131 888 and other pizza places! With VOIP you can often fall back to POTS for 000 but obviously not if you're on naked. So I'm not sure sorry

    Hi all,
    Is there a best Naked DSL provider article? I am currently with iiNet but been having some issues with them. Can anyone suggest an alternative provider? I am probably a medium user, don't download much, i need access to xBox Live and some streaming from youtube.

    Thanks :)


      I use Internode Naked DSL and have found them very good. I'm at one of their direct exchanges, so I get a good data allowance. Uploads are free and there's no off peak time. If you can only get Internode on an Optus exchange there's not as much data. It really depends on what exchange you're at and what options you have. will let you see what you can get and some providers or

      I'm not sure if any ISP other than iinet has unmetered Xbox Live data??

    mynetfone has Naked too!

    Naked DSL, look at the followin link...

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