Naked DSL Providers In Australia

Naked DSL Providers In Australia

NakedFeet.jpg On our recent story about the death of the landline phone, commenter Jason asked about the procedure for setting up naked DSL. The exact steps needed for setting up will depend on which provider you choose (you can’t just choose to set up naked DSL in a vacuum). However, a useful starting point for that is to know who currently offers a naked service. These are the providers I’m aware of (in alphabetical order):

If there’s a provider I’ve missed, point it out in the comments (I’ve updated once to reflect the first wave of suggestions). Researching naked providers is also essential; for instance, Dodo has an reputation for poor customer service, punching far above its weight in Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman complaints each year. Many providers also require you to sign up for a VoIP option, which isn’t a truly naked choice (though it probably will save you money).


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