Internode Ultra Lets You Ditch Your Existing Landline, Keep The Number

Internode today rolls out its Ultra plans, which combine its existing Naked DSL broadband and VOIP plan with a regular phone connection — meaning you can dump your current landline plan, still have the security of a standard line if the Net connection dies, and even migrate your existing phone number. The service is available from today in metropolitan areas, according to Internode (and existing customers can migrate across from another plan if they wish). Prices start at $69.95 with 5GB of downloads — not bad when you consider there’s no line rental involved and Internode hasn’t yet joined the upload-counting crowd.


  • Sweet!

    I have been waiting a while for this. Now I just have to get Telstra (or a sparky) to come in and fix up my phone line so I don’t get disconnected whenever a call comes through then I’ll be in VOIP/ADSL2+ heaven.

  • The internet plan is a good start but still expensive compared to $39.95 wireless usb plans and also compared to internet plans in other countries such as China or HK is far expensive.

  • Given you can get a 25 gig naked DSL with $5 worth of included calls on your voip through Adam Internet for the same price i don’t see how $70 for 5 gig is considered as “not bad”, or “sweet!”. At this stage no you can’t keep your phone number, and it doesn’t seem to be exactly the same service, but close enough to see that 25 gig is hell of a lot more than 5 gig.
    As far as ADSL compared to wireless, err, no comparison, different services, there are so many things you can do with 1 over the other, you simply get the one that is going to suit you rather then whatever is cheaper (generally speaking)..

  • Agree that as with most plans, it depends what you want. Ultra would appeal to people who still feel secure in having a conventional phone line, which is quite likely not the same bit of the market that wants enormous download limits!

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