Internode Easy Broadband Goes Naked, Still Counts Uploads

Internode Easy Broadband Goes Naked, Still Counts Uploads

When Internode announced its Easy Broadband package back in July, Lifehacker pointed out one flaw: it counts uploads as well as downloads, which can get you into shaping territory rather quickly. Internode has now expanded the scheme with a “naked ADSL” version, but that restriction still remains.

For $70 a month (including $10 of VoIP credit), it’s pretty good value nonetheless. As with any naked plan, you’ll likely have a period of no phone line whatsoever, and the 50GB limit won’t work if you’re a channel BT addict.

What’s your favourite naked ADSL plan? Share your experiences in the comments.

Easy Naked [Internode]


  • Considering internode has a full binary newsgroup server I NEVER use bittorrent, and thus the “counting uploads” isn’t even an issue. I have 1-4gb of uploads per month on average, which for $50 for a 50gig plan (or $70 if you go naked) is killer.

    • The thing to keep in mind is, all web traffic has to have an upload component. emails don’t use as much, but, something you think of as being strictly passive downloading, i.e. youtube, streaming video, listening to streaming music, etc. is usually sending about 1-2% of the download amount, sometimes up to 3% if there’s staggered streaming/buffering involved.

      i don’t especially think there could/should be some kind of disclaimer, since if you do ‘download’ 10gb, you also typically upload about 200mb, just in the form of checks and requests for more data. i don’t advocate the decimal point in the ads being necessary i.e. “49.95 for 20.3gb /month” plan or the 7.1gb monthly plan, but it’s a bit criminal in some ways.

      given this happens on all kinds of TCP traffic, i.e. websites, emails, flash ads, peer to peer downloads aren’t the only suspect ‘uploads’

  • Most people would download far more than they would upload, so I think it’s a bit of a stretch to imply that counting uploads would be responsible for getting you shaped.

    • This is true but most private BT trackers require you to upload to maintain a ratio and hence maintain your account. So counting uploads then becomes an issue.

    • Hi Suman –

      Easy Broadband & Easy Naked both have the same access to the Internode Premium Usenet service at no additional charge. Of course these downloads (and the miscellaneous uploads eg TCP ack) are counted toward your monthly quota.

      Cheers, Jim

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